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Putin says Russia's ready for action with US on oil markets

President Trump has been speaking with business leaders in the oil and energy industries as well as leaders from Russia and Saudi Arabia in response to the oil price war, FOX Business’ Blake Burman with reports. #FoxNews

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  1. American would be fuckin idiots to trust the russian government.

  2. Leave it alone. We need low prices

  3. For AGENDA 21 to be activate MOST BE chaos!. don't listen to everything the government is telling you they have a AGENDA!!

  4. I'll have two scoops of Vladimir please 🇮🇹🇺🇸🌎🇷🇺🔫❤😀

  5. good to see Putin and Trump working together again what a great team Kim,Putin and Trump MAGA

  6. Russia for that, its USA isnt ready. You notice that in europe anyway. USA is falling apart cause they dont run the show in middle east like they want. Now you cant do what you want there with your army, and you need that so you can have your democracy and then you dont get cheep oil from them

  7. Saudi Arabia, the leader of OPEC asked the Russians, who are Number 3 in Oil Production at the moment, to slow down production of oil in order to drive UP prices. Russia said no, Saudi Arabia then flooded the market with Oil driving prices way down. This is because Russia and the U.S. need prices to be at a certain level to make a profit. It is like when predatory companies sell at a loss to put a smaller company out of business, then when the other company is out of business they have a monopoly and can jack up prices and make their money back.

  8. We need to put everyone back to work. Our economy is in a free fall.

  9. Why not we be friend with Russia?
    I love to see that before I die

  10. We should do business with Russia And forget: THE CHINESSE COMUNIST PARTY. Maybe we get BETTER Quality products .


  12. Put Trump and Putin partnership let the two biggest country rule this world let wipe out country who will go against Us…

  13. TRUMP sure is an active, and great US President. I don't remember Obama issuing this many world changing actions during his entire presidency. This TRUMP works hard on his job, just like his supporters.

  14. Russia would be happy to bring us to our knees. Dont be fools.

  15. Let the oil prices fall out no more manipulation of prices

  16. Yeah, let's have a deal with the U.S. to get the oil extraction by fracking prices – at least $50 a barrel – up in the U.S. & oil prices in general up in Russia. Putin's whole existence in power is determined by higher oil prices. The ruble is tanking in Russia. And people are starting to feel the effects. There is a great deal of unrest in Russia, in the cities all over Russia, not just St. Petersburg & Moscow. Russia has lots of cities. And in the vanishing villages & small towns in rural Russia. People are hurting. You don't get this on the Propaganda Networks like RT Russia Today or Rossiya 1. Meduza & the other alternative news sites are the ones to go to to find out about the real situation in Russia.

  17. never trust a commie, be it china be it russia
    they all the same, they gain your trust to betray

  18. We are ready to cut off Putin and close all trade with Russia.

  19. Im so sick of traitors in our government

  20. Working with Russia would be fine if they behave themselves….but do we really need to work with any Communist country?

  21. Trump is a moron, he thinks hes a good business man and is getting played

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