Raider Nation: Take a look at the new Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

Cox Communications president Pat Esser says fans will have a ‘very unique experience’ when visiting the new NFL Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  1. This is a testament to stupidity.

  2. Real important stuff here Fox…yeah right

  3. NFL steal your money and shoves it in your face. And morons keep throwing money at these billionaire owners

  4. It's going to be so wierd saying Las Vegas Raiders tho. 🙂

  5. “Let’s take a look at the new stadium”
    Then talks apps and selfie location and app access….guess I was watching the wrong thing

  6. Hate the Raiders but it is a nice stadium

  7. Games will be hot as hell in August and September Enjoy!

  8. I had to give it a thumbs down, as there was a bunch of talk about wifi and connected spots, and not very much about the actual 'stadium', but what else from the new world where everyone goes to an event to watch it through their phones.

  9. With all that internet access you will be able to watch the scripted games with fixed outcomes on a cell phone .. Wonderful.

  10. Now lets hope the raiders improve when they move here

  11. Too bad it's for the raiders…

  12. Reporter: What do you mean by connected stadium?

    Dumbass: yes this will be the most connected stadium cuz it’s a connected stadium, yes connected this stadium will be

  13. I wonder how much money the Taxpayers paid for this building. Even if you never go to a game … Las Vegas Taxpayers flipped the bill. I totally refuse to go to games and have to buy a ticket also. These Teams make Millions and Millions each year. Why the hell do the Taxpayers have to flip the bill ?

  14. Oh yeah the cell🌰🍆towers are wire powered and it's grounded wire transportation that's how 5g is born?
    Just asking🤷🏻🤦🏻!
    But cells🍆 are alkaline cells or lithium ion cells or lead acid with carbon sticks?
    Aren't dishes🥑🍰 wire powered and it's grounded wire transportation that's how 5g is born?
    But 5g comes out from 🍆or🥑 ?? Whose responsible?
    It's egg🍆plants or 🥑avocados?

    Investigate the investigator's 🤨🧐

  15. But what does it mean a Raider Nation of Allegiant Stadium?

  16. 1700 ways connections for BroadBath stadium. Looks it's a indoor game with full of lights and televisions. Is the stadium designed for quakes in local fault lines, tsunami, tornados, hurricanes, blizzard storm, snow loads?
    It's a steel stadium tones of long ton USA🇺🇸 MadeInAmerica🇺🇸.

    And hotdog only for $5🌭 with additional cream/suace?

  17. 2100 access points, 5G, 2200 TVs, 40Gb, selfie location, social media “connectivity is utility like water” , food APP. WTF.

    My home has all the access points I need, (one), All the TVs I need (one), all the food I need (fridge + micro) – plus no line to get $10 hotdogs or $15 glass of beer.

    Don’t need stupid selfie of myself watching TV, I’ll put the phone aside so I can watch the GAME instead of stupid social media.

    Finally , the best and only bit of tech that actually enhances experience: Pause and rewind.

  18. Hardworking blue collar fans will be priced out 😥

  19. So everyone will go in healthy and go out with cancer

  20. I stopped watching football since the whole Kaepernick sh*t show. Best decision I've ever made.

  21. Vegas has always been Raider Nation !

  22. Please NFL keep wasting your money YOU disrespected OUR FLAG COUNTRY LAW ENFORCEMENT and OUR PRESIDENT No one wants to go to your games. NFL FOR SISSIES

  23. I hope all the homeless can afford a ticket to go sit in that I digress without recourse

  24. Who is not on a phone on a daily bases , what about streaming live at the game . I’m all in and by the way I’m a big fan and I have season tickets so ,if it not your thing don’t hate us being loyal fans who are about to have a state of the art stadium 🏟. It’s taken us a long time

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