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Rashida Tlaib Did NOT Mince Words About Trump And Was Sworn In Amidst Conservative Criticism

Rashida Tlaib Did NOT Mince Words About Trump And Was Sworn In Amidst Conservative Criticism

Rep. Rashida Tlaib had some harsh words for impeaching Donald Trump. Rep. Rashida Tlaib was sworn in using Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran. Get exclusive access to our best content. http://tyt.com/GETACCESS

Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Nomi Prins, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Nomi Prins

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Nomi Prins


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  1. This tramp for hamas is on mossad radar now she is being watched very closely

  2. What a coincidence, I was looking for another reason to support Israel's total annihilation of the Palestinians and low and behold Rashida Tlaib gave it to me.

  3. Republicans celebrating not paying our police it a really disturbing concept; i thought they love our police officers so why celebrate a delayed paycheck for our policemen?

  4. TYT is avoiding the main issues about Rasheeda Tlaib. She could defend her words at the bar, but her antisemitic attacks are not excusable. She has quite deliberately crossed a line and you are IGNORING it.

  5. She is a Hamas terrorist supporter anti Israel anti American radical Muslim ,lock her up!

  6. That lady probly watches tyt unironicly.

  7. I hope Canada annexes Minneapolis St. Paul metro. We don't want it. Islam is bot compatible with the west.


  9. NANCY PELOSI and ALL ESTABLISHMENT DEM'S NEED TO GO, FOR SHE/they are REPRESENTING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! I PRAY come 2019/2020 we FIRE ALL THESE TRAITOR'S and STRIP THEM OF ALL THEIR TAXPAYER'S LIFETIME AWESOME BENEFITS! Let the 20% take care of them, as they have taken care of the 20%! For I am FED UP with them getting away with GRAND LARCENY OFF THE TAXPAYER'S and MURDER with the Invasion of the Middle East!

  10. Rashida! These bitch made racist traitors are not going to be a able to deal with a bad ass Detroit Woman. Duck bitches.

  11. The hypocrisy of fox and chump ass is of epic proportions. Go.?:;"'g yourselves GOP

  12. ICE needs more help obviously!

  13. John's "inner Carlin" is showing.

  14. remember when Obama failed to salute air force one in time and Fox News jumped all over it . ""He was so disrespectful for drinking coffee while exiting air force one" But yet Trump can call all the generals who have served this country for decades anything he wants with impunity.

  15. You can dance if you want to. you can leave your friends behind…but if your friends don't dance and if you don't dance than they are no friends of mine.

  16. She swore on a Quran that had half the pages ripped out?

  17. President of Turkey Erdogan once said:  "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…".

  18. Cenk doesn't show you the nice Muslim street prayers happening all over the US .

  19. This women got the huge honker.. I mean the biggest of the decade

  20. This minatour looking like eye sore talking shit… bro she represent the poorest city in America… plz tell this self absorbed dipass to fix her dying state… trump this trump that.. sad excuse for a human

  21. They are only party of family and moral values when judging character of democrats.

  22. Wait a minute so football players are sobs and Lindsay Graham just said bs on cn n

  23. Moron little girls in America put another idiot in office is what the title should be

  24. This muslim bitch will not be in office long, Mark my words.

  25. I am still losing my hearing I am pretty sure but I think my mouth has been getting better

    I am still assuming 6 months to live 🙁

  26. i really understand the outrage!
    "The oldest woman to win Miss USA is Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan of Oklahoma, at 26 years and 10 months old."
    he probably really isn't a motherfucker, since he prefers to sneak into the dressing rooms of young women… and having a child probably means an instant disqualification at those shows…
    i have no doubt he isn't even a motherpeeper!

  27. And guess what terrorist anti-American cunts, we're going to re-elect the "motherfucker" in 2020!!!

  28. yeah, I am sorry, but so what if Trump did it also. I kind of like some of these progressive new candidates. B UT…..but…..there is no reason to use unneccessary foul language like that. When Trump is impeached, that is the PERFECT kind of foul language to use, not now.

  29. I have been following Occasio-Cortez' recent rise with interest but while I agree with some of her politics I am feeling pretty neutral about her as a person. Until now. That dancing video just made her 200% more likeable: it shows that she is a human like the rest of us. The ability to have fun doesn't mean being less serious about work, it means she can put things in perspective and balance fun with more serious stuff. In other words, she is probably mentally more balanced than most politicians. I hope she stays that way and doesn't let her new job get to her. Maybe in 10 -15 years time she has the experience to run for a president. I don't think you have to be old to lead the country: I believe Alexandria has the potential.

  30. Where is her condemnation of Saudi Arabia? Think she would NOT mince words about those terror supporting petro-tyrants? She claims to be about family values and then uses language that would make a sailor blush, and in front of kids. Yep, so very classy and dignified.

  31. how disgusting are you people that these are the people that you stand behind??? TYT is not a "News " organization..this is an opinion channel anti American opinion channel anti cop anti Christian opinion channel …how is this any different than Alex Jones???

  32. Instead of swearing in on the Bible/Koran/whatever book, they should be made to swear in on the Constitution. This would end the religious nonsense and strengthen the idea that they are there to protect the country and not the corporations and corporatist oligarchy.

  33. This is just the kind of Filth the young turds loves.

  34. If the Democrats don’t immediately vote to impeach then they will lose the house in 2020. The only reason they gained the house was to get rid of Trump. Mueller has dragged out this investigation long enough, it’s time to step forward and impeach. People have to wake up that Mueller is not on our side. After all for those who remember he was instrumental in getting us into 2 wars. He was FBI Director on 9/11. If you hate Dick Cheney you should not trust Mueller. Move on impeachment now.

  35. Poor Hogan Gidley. He doesn't have any integrity although he pretends he does. Name calling??? The POTUS has been every bit as vile as he pretends others are. He's got pet names or insults for nearly everyone except his dear despots in the Philippines, Russia and North Korea. What a bunch of phony bastards, turd polishers ans shit shiners trumps devotees are.

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