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Ray J Reacts To Kim Kardashian Talking About Their Tape On KUWTK | Hollywoodlife

Ray J Reacts To Kim Kardashian Talking About Their Tape On KUWTK | Hollywoodlife

Ray J responds to Kim Kardashian saying she was high during their infamous tape. Kim and Kanye are slammed for taking a 747. Plus – Travis Scott has an interesting reaction when he’s asked if he’s married to Kylie Jenner. #KimKardashian #KylieJenner #TravisScott

Kim Kardashian, 38, and Kanye West, 41, are known for living a lavish lifestyle. But, they just took things to a whole other level after she documented their private jet experience on November 28! The couple, along with Kim’s trainer, boarded a private Boeing 747 jet for a “long flight,” Kim said on Snapchat. It’s unclear exactly where they were traveling, but she showed off the entire two-floor jet online.

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Ray J Reacts To Kim Kardashian Talking About Their Tape On KUWTK | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Are you pissed KimYe took a 747?

  2. “I thought it was cuz of s@&$…
    Lol who said that???

  3. I Wonder what a private 747 would cost me, i need to take a trip, . DO THEY TAKE IOU's? if so, I'm willing to pay $10 down now, and $25 a month on my social security check every month for probably a couple of months, but not starting next month cause I got to pay my electric bill, u know I got to pay my electric bill so I can watch U TUBE TO SEE ALL THESE RIDICULOUS ARTICLES I AM COMMENTING ABOUT

  4. So I guess she does E on a regular, cause she stays naked. The only thing that I know is that the sex tape made her' Famous'.

  5. She deeply regets the sex tape thats why shes making all sorts of excuses on it, we all hv that one stupid thing we did years back that we cover up with the " i was on drugs" excuse
    Kylie hid her pregnancy wat makes you think she wont keep her marriage a secret.

  6. Kim K already got them saggy tiddies lmfao

  7. I believe Kim was high on that Ray J drug.

  8. Wow…she tryna say Ray j is low key Bill Cosby. All these white girls be on some bull shit! She sucked his "d" willingly

  9. This is the most consummately vapid wank I've ever had the misfortune to bear witness to

  10. She’s stunting she knows she wasn’t high that’s just an excuse Robert help them get recognize and Ray J catapulted her fame please stop the lies kim

  11. And for Kim being high I can believe that because that what I said when I watched the sex tape

  12. That's their money let them fly what they want to. Don't Donald Trump.

  13. Shes a Thot. Period. She only famous bcuz RJays D…. Ray J the man

  14. Ray J is a very disrectful to women.

  15. suspicious? looks like he was simply ignoring. lol

  16. I find it hilarious that people actually expect Kim to be socially or environmentally conscious. Seriously when have you known these people to not be self-absorbed and completely narcissistic?? Yet people become outraged…🤔😒😒😒

  17. Every time this red headed twit says "LaFlame" I wanna stab myself.

  18. Clear??? Jajajaja laughable

  19. You could tell she was definitely on something. I said she was high when she did that tape, not to mention she was drinking a damn bottle of Champagne straight out the bottle.. she needed that for the nerves.. At least she didn't try to say he took advantage of her while she was under the influence.

  20. Kim if you were on X or not does not change the fact that you made a sex tape. C’mon now stop trying to justify your past actions. Be woman enough to own it. It happened, everyone saw you get down and dirty…with or without the drug you still laid on your back and taped yourself and then put it out for the world to see. You’re most definitely a whore-dashian nonetheless.

  21. Didn't Kim saiy she never touched drugs.. She is such a liar I do t understand how people still watching her show… She is passe

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