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Razer Blade Pro: Review

Razer Blade Pro: Review

The new Razer Blade Pro trades gimmicks for 4K gaming power: http://engt.co/2h2gszJ

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  1. What screen is better this or the oled Alienware 13?

  2. Just returned mine. What a hassle. At 5000$ I expected a perfect screen like my old HP, Samsung and Apple. I not ready to tolerate lit pixels and ghosting.

  3. Can someone help me? I'm debating whether to get THIS, or the Blade Stealth…
    I'm a content creator– I design graphics, produce music, and I am diving deeper into film making these days as well. I want to build, essentially a home command center– Purchase a sleek, powerful laptop, studio monitors, two external displays, external storage, external graphics (Stealth), and whatever else I need to be able to produce and distribute content as quickly/efficiently as possible.
    I also want a sleek, non-bulky laptop that is easy to take around with me. This is the primary appeal of the Stealth. The appeal of the Blade Pro would be that it's more of a powerhouse, but that price tag though… Okay, with all that being said, I only know the basics of hardware and I have some questions—
    _Can the Blade Stealth can handle heavy Photoshop/Illustrator and moderate Premiere/light After Effects on the go?
    _Would adding all of that external gear to the Stealth at home cause some kind of surge via USB and other inputs?
    _Is dropping at least 3.5k plus on the Blade Pro worth it with my needs/demands?
    _What else, besides, or in regards to the external gear listed above, would make the home command center experience optimal?
    _Do you know of something that might be a better option for me? I really want to avoid a BULKY powerhouse gaming laptop. I like the design of Razer's hardware.

  4. I don't know why people act like they don't keep laptops plugged in at all times

  5. Wow, impressive machine. But that's a lot of money!

  6. I wish it came with the better 6820hk CPU and a 2K-3K screen option. 4K scaling issues are a headache.

  7. Just buy a macbook or something at 1k, then a 3k beast computer instead of this??

  8. They haven't used the switch blade gimick since… 2014? It's been long gone…

  9. Macbook pro like design?? Glad you didn't say it's the Black Macbook

  10. laptops that big isn't something you take every day with you, I'd rather go with the razer blade stealth with razer core. but that's just me hehehe

  11. Razer Blade Pro is donkey of the day

  12. I saw the ram and my first thought was"8gb? thats pretty low for a
    laptop this expensive." That was until I realized that it was just the
    VRAM 0.0. My mind was speechless.

  13. gosh everytime! do you really need to compare something to Apple? 😰

  14. Thanks guys! I was waiting for someone to make a video on the blade pro.

  15. wow, $3,700. if you need all this power, just build a desktop already

  16. zero point eight eight, not zero point eigthy-eight

  17. "Same Macbook pro like design" haha I agree 🙂

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