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Real Talk, replying to your comments.

Real Talk, replying to your comments.

Real Talk | September 21st, 2016
Explore With Me – http://bit.ly/1uNAdLQ
Yesterdays Video – https://youtu.be/S9O2Pdf58MM
Tomorrows Video –
One Year Ago –

**ZURICH MEET UP** 10AM Saturday September 24th Lobby of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Zurich! Stop by for a cup of coffee and some conversation 🙂

Erik Conover Video Blog 457: Raw thoughts. Thank you everyone for the support and checking out these videos. Traveling from New York City to Switzerland for the Zurich Film Festival!!


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  1. my downstairs neighbor is the worst!

  2. Thanks Erik!!! Great intro in Switzerland! So much real, definitely hits home with my previous apartment/roommates situations

  3. Hey Erik, This video resonated with me a lot! I too am living in a place that makes me unhappy, yet I still try to share my life through daily videos. I do it for my friends, family, and also my future self. They are not necessarily for anyone else. Its difficult to share my life because I also feel like I don't want to burden people with my problems. Glad you're doing better. Thanks for sharing. You do you! Let me know if you're ever in Minneapolis!

  4. Oh hey I'm from Switzerland and have been watching your vlog for months now! I hope you liked my country 🙂

  5. TSA here in mainland China for domestic flights is very strict, the qeues are long yet fast.

  6. you're already on your way to making a travel series.. like something on the travel channel.. wouldn't be a bad career for a while if you love traveling 🙂   as for being unhappy in the NYC apartment, maybe part of it is how small and cramped it likely is.. and perhaps not enough light inside too.. that alone would probably make any couple feel somewhat unhappy

  7. meh… I watched for the interaction between you an Jess…

  8. I love in your travel vlogs when you show conversations with the cool people that you meet. I think a lot of people want to travel to gain a new perspective of the world and learn things, so it's cool to get that sort of feel through a video. I think it sets your channel apart from other travel channels.

  9. I SO relate to this. Currently working on getting the * out. Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  10. It's your home, your channel I don't see why ppl can't understand that. I've seen you since the beginning and I fell in love with ur videos because u showed me New York City, a great city that I'm very curious about and love. So do u! Take me on a spin round the city!

  11. I just hope once your settled in the new apartment you'll go back to everyday lifestyle vlogs – which have truly inspired me to travel to NYC next year in may! I just loved watching you and Jess evolve as a young couple and starting to become more and more successful! I just hope wherever it is you move to inspires you to get back to the old vlogs with a new twist of traveling !

  12. why was that military plane flying next to yours?

  13. Hi Erik, I work at Frankfurt airport, so if you ever have a stop-over there and would like to have a chat, please drop me a message. 🙂

  14. I realize I"m just one viewer and this is just one opinion that might not reflect the popular opinion towards this topic but when I subscribed to this channel I"ve always had the understanding that this is ERIC's channel. So Jessica's decision to have more privacy from his channel has not really changed my desire to watch his vids. Even though they're in a relationship, these two are individuals with their own interests. It would be unrealistic for them not to change themselves and how they process life as they continue to grow and experience new moments. But one thing is for sure: what separates this channel from the Caseys of YouTube is the positivity, authenticity and relatability of it. I don't think there's anything wrong with the drones and all the new travel opportunities as long as the connection & transparency with viewers remains…oh and the "follow your passion" line 🙂

  15. Smile more…worry less…and live your passion..I hope this phrase sticks with you and Jessica forever…Hope your doing okay,hop you had a peaceful day.

  16. and you were in Germany too perfect I'm definitely unlucky

  17. You were there the same days as I was …I wish I got to meet you there, I hope you enjoyed the amazing chocolate there !!

  18. Erik is it legal to fly drones in Manhattan? I can't find the right answer!

  19. Why you're not blogging as compared as before 😔?

  20. your videos are appreciated, hope you are having a great day ♡

  21. Thanks for the realness. Thanks for making sure you stay real to yourself, and thanks for mentioning too that watching these vlogs (and filming them) can be a kind of escapism, and that you too need to be centered with yourself from within. Lots of support for you to find your true self inside. Omm

  22. come back already! we miss you bro

  23. having a rough week, really looking forward to the next vlog!

  24. Dude, I unsubscribed, and then I resubscribed after this video. But seriously, you can't wait MORE THAN FIVE days to post a new video if you want this to be your life. Please, we love you.

  25. Hey Erik, are you okay? I miss your videos 🙂

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