Red-hot Heat mark de Villiers' debut with big win | KFC BBL|09

Brisbane Heat claimed a seven-wicket victory over Adelaide Strikers as AB de Villiers impressed in his much-anticipated maiden BBL appearance, while James Pattinson and Matthew Renshaw also starred


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  1. Just watched today's match only because of AB de Villers.

  2. Commentary
    90℅ about AB
    10% about the match

  3. Best Batsman nobody can touch his skills in the world ABD ❤️

  4. who says cricket is a 11 mans game ……# abd ….da

  5. I came here just to watch MR. 360 😍😍

  6. I sincerely feel ABD didn't needed to retire… Can you imagine him at the T20 World Cup every country going to lose their sleep if that would've happen.

  7. Well done Pattinson, 5 wickets in a BBL game!

  8. bradman – sachin – abd

    3 gods of batting 😍💕🍰🍫

  9. ABD sab cricketers ka baap hai

  10. Who is the best player??
    It's my abd

  11. At 01:00 Ahmad shehzad would have claimed that.

  12. Congratulations Brisbane heat

  13. At 1:35 i can see salman butt of him.

  14. Ab de Villiers is the best… Player

  15. why commentator were talking about ABD vs Rashid🤔🤔
    AB can hit 6 sixes against Rashid🙌🙌

  16. This is only 50 percent of abd's ability

  17. When Ab deviliers retired, I lost interest in cricket but now it made me really happy to see Abd on field. Like, if you want Abd to come out of retirement

  18. Ab is the best batsman ever born.

  19. Different country, Different teams , But Same outcome…ABD legend

  20. Iam watched live this match because of super man

  21. Just coming here to see de Villiers batting
    But it(video) too fast as de Villiers batting 😃😩🤣😂😩

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