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Red Tailed Hawk vs. Rattler | National Geographic

Red Tailed Hawk vs. Rattler | National Geographic

In the scorching desert sky, a hawk spies prey — a venomous rattler! Who wins out in this battle of the predators?

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Red Tailed Hawk vs. Rattler | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Would have been something if the rattle snake happen to strike at the hawks face the same time the talons went in. Two dead individuals.

  2. isn't this the same bird that appears holding a snake in the Mexican flag?

  3. The "mouse" is a squirrel.

  4. it's like explaining this to a 8 year old. His brainpower just can't handle it.

  5. how about he dropped it? Ofcourse he did, else it wouldn't seem so cinematic.

  6. they filmed the mouse how it fell down on san dwhen bitten. Like it was punched while standing up.

  7. Who is else is fucking tired of Pokemon references and "Damn nature you scary" on every fucking animal video?

  8. They killed the "mouse" and threw it at a snake. How very excelent.

  9. 1:04 can you touch your tough to the back of your neck, I don't think soo

  10. These birds adapted to hunt snakes at will. They puff out their feathers which prevents the snake from grabbing hold of flesh on the body and go for the head to ensure a quick death of the snake and an easy meal, and even if they got bit,they have a 95% chance of surviving as they are venom tolerant,they would just puff up where they got bit from swelling and the swelling would go down and they would be fine.

  11. What an excellent hunting skill of the hawk it is!!

  12. 1:10 Hawk: Bitch whata gonna do now bitch? I'm right here!

  13. Pretty often, the crows succeed in driving the hawk off too. Hawks are solitary, so when you have a murder of ten or so crows going at a lone hawk, the hawk tends to bail out.
    I saw that happen a couple of times while sitting on my back porch, and I raise chickens, so hawks aren't my friends. So every now and then, I'll shoot a squirrel or a raccoon and leave it out to bring the crows around. I've only lost one chicken to a hawk in over three years, so I figure it works pretty well.

  14. And thus, Rattlesnake Jake's fear of hawks is completely justified. 🙂

  15. The red tailed hawk always won….

  16. Will guess that make one tough mother then.cause I catch rattlers for a living and make a nice meals out of them.fired rattler.really does taste like chicken

  17. i hate birds, the snake should have ripped its eyes out

  18. "Ain't no hawk, ain't nuthin' but bats!"
    "No, Jake. I'm a hawk. And you're dinner."

  19. The diamondback rattlesnake and the red-tailed hawk: two great animal symbols of North America.

  20. this narrator is excellent- his narration on each video is so good.

  21. If i were the hawk i would have flown the snake to a high place to eat. Otherwise another snake could kill it from behind.

  22. Birl vs Snake , Snake no chance


  24. hawk:my favorite animal, Red Tail: my fav hawk

  25. That hawk is a bad bitch.

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