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Red Velvet Interview: The K-Pop Group’s Best Beauty Moments of 2018

Dream concept: Red Velvet has been known to sweep some glitter-flecked shadow on their lids, but Seulgi wants to take the glitz up a notch. “I actually want us to do a concept where we could use more glitter in our makeup,” Seulgi reveals. Just an idea, but perhaps Red Velvet could harness their dark, edgy “red” side with a ’70s glitter rock-inspired concept.

Favorite RBB look: Next year, Seulgi definitely wants to revisit the gelled-back hair she had for an “RBB (Really Bad Boy)” performance. “It was my first time combing my hair back like that,” she adds. And let’s be real, the sleek style doesn’t work for many people, but it sure did for her.

Favorite 2018 beauty trend: Seulgi gets deep when she explains why she loves the combination of strong brows and natural makeup. “It not only presents pureness, but there’s also this maturity that you could demonstrate with the look,” she muses. And when a red lip is added to the mix, you have Seulgi’s go-to makeup.


Favorite makeup moment: Wendy was feeling her lipstick this year. “I loved using vibrant colors,” she shares. “And I really like overlining my lips to make them look poutier and full.”

Favorite 2018 beauty trend: The products Wendy doesn’t want to stay in 2018 are the glitter and metallic makeup she spotted everywhere this year, including on her fellow members. “I want to try doing looks that include a lot of glitter or metallic products,” she adds. Someone remind me to give Wendy and Seulgi some of Lemonhead’s Spacepastes next time I see them.

Favorite RBB look: To emphasize RBB‘s edgy concept, Wendy reveals that she changed up the shape of her brows. Typically, they’re soft and straight, but she experimented with a bolder, arched aesthetic with defined tails. If Red Velvet tries a concept that is even fiercer in 2019, “I would definitely try to arch my eyebrows more,” she says.


Favorite makeup look: During the “Bad Boy” era, Joy highly approved of her brown ombré shadow. “I usually like giving that light-but-smoky eye look,” she adds. On the opposite side of the spectrum, she loved her “fresh, light, juicy” makeup for the “Power Up” music video, too.

Favorite hair color: After dyeing her hair vibrant hues, like candy-apple red, teal, and yellow, for most of her career, Joy stuck with black for most of 2018. The only exception was when she went copper for “Power Up,” and Joy is OK with that. “I feel like darker hair brings out my features more and makes me feel chicer,” she explains.

Dream haircut: Instead of coloring her hair for RBB, Joy added purple and red hair extensions for unexpected shocks for color. “I liked how small changes such as these can change up the look,” she says. However, Joy has a major change in mind.

Earlier this year, she cut her hair into a shoulder-grazing lob, but she’s ready to go even shorter. In 2019, she tells Allure she wants to try something more daring: an edgy bob.

Favorite classic looks: Joy used to consider herself a MLBB girl. She stocked up on rosy lip color to follow the trend, but these days, she’s all about nude lip colors. “And just like Irene has mentioned, I think dewy skin is always going to be a trend,” she adds. “So I recommend a sheet mask a day.”


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