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Refugee ship Aquarius to stop rescue mission in the Mediterranean l Al Jazeera English

Rescue organisation SOS Mediterranee and MSF say they will end operation after relentless pressure from EU states.
The last refugee rescue ship operating in the Mediterranean is ending its mission.
Doctors Without Borders says a ‘concerted campaign’ by European governments has forced the Aquarius to stop saving asylum seekers.
The boat lost its registration in September.
Al Jazeera’s Alexi O’Brien reports.

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  1. Charity or coyote; their behaviors look similar

  2. Great news finally. Their "welcome to europe" inadvertant tag probably helped boost the illegal crossings and got a whole lot more killed.

  3. Not one word about this in US media. Probably because they are dark and don’t speak Spanish. Maybe AOC can bring it up to the congress

  4. NATO distabalized Lybia and Syria. NATO should handle the fallout as well.

  5. most should never have left home. organisations should not facilitate illegal migrations. rather deal with the problem at source.

  6. All aid to the 3rd world needs to come with strict population stabilization programs. Close the borders, stop having children you can not support!

  7. The "only Democracy in the Middle East" should take them.

  8. The costs of that 30,000 'refugees' must paid by this organization such as Docters without Borders. They are the transport organization.

  9. Africans and North Africans had the chance to be “Europeanised” back in colonial days, but they chose to reject the Europeans violently. Now, enjoy your country. You stay there, well stay here.

  10. Ask the staff of Aquarius and other rescue boats to take in just one refugee each to live in their homes, see if they are willing to do so. If they are not willing then stop sending them to Europe. Let these economic migrants float in the Mediterranean Sea or rescue them but return them to Libya.

  11. Aquarius is just as bad as the people smugglers. The crew should be charged for human trafficking. You just encourage people trafficking and probably ended up killing more people then if you had of stayed out of it.

  12. Soros stopped paying for the fuel?

  13. Hey dumbass.☚ You want to rescue them and pick them up good… then take them back to where they came from dummy


  15. Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. Let in too many refugees/illegals and you risk being outvoted. (legally or illegally.) Remember… they will reproduce too. Also… if terrorists and criminals are hidden among refugees, they could gradually increase in numbers and vote their agents into your government. This causes social problems which in turn ruins your economy too. Every country's government must be responsible for their own people, not let foreign nations care for them. Accepting refugees/illegals encourages their corrupt governments to continue ill treating its citizens. Deport them. There are other ways to help.

  16. Cultural warfare, E. Michael Jones teaches about it, it's a Jew thing. Serious times.

  17. NWO Agenda to flood to flood every country in the world with Illegals to Destroy the country's and that's what is happening.

  18. We have been shot at by Libyan coast guards 🤔 they should not have went into lybian waters to traffic illegally. And transport illegal immigrants that Libya needs

  19. Stop the ship. We don't need any Islamic terrorist. Thanks

  20. it starts ''packing up the ship that's been a beacon of hope to 30,000 people '' instead of saying the truth that it is the end of the free taxi service for eco migrants who can afford to pay people smugglers to get them a few kilometres off the Libyan coast and on their way their to get to the social benefits heaven of europe. Why dont Doctors Without Borders/charity workers invite one or two eco migrants they rescue to come and live with them rather than burdening hard working tax payers to look after for the rest of the migrants lives.

  21. Why doesn't Quater send a boat Al-Jeezera? Why dont you ask them yourself since they fund you

  22. I now wonder how the refugees and migrants would deal with this.

  23. It seems like they have their hearts in the right place, but I hope they realize they are also supporting people who don't. It's very similar to what's happening at the U.S./Mexico border with The Cartels.

  24. I like how everybody write recist and heartless comments but in real life they are just bitches

  25. Great! These bleeding heart leftists are only encouraging the decline of western standards. Doctors without borders is nothing but a front for the assholes of the world that want our destruction. And the real reason they're stopping their taxi service, money dried up. Which meant those deluded fools that support this crap are feeling the financial pinch like the rest of us.

  26. Basterds should be all arrested…

  27. Burn it down that nasty ship and arest the traitors that work in it.

  28. Saudi ,Usa Canada must take the rest of Africa. Europa is full.

  29. If people aren't loyal to the land they originated in why would they be loyal to the countries they're trying too invade ?

  30. Arabia should take them all, rich and Muslim, perfect.

  31. Sink it!! Muslim men are out to destroy the worlds cultures, an the UN is funding it all!! ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY=DEATH

  32. Send them all to Canada.

  33. I wish some migrants will come and visit the woman activist at night .

  34. The ship's crew are idiots .How many people seen the media thinking that they would get picked up by these morons and drown because no one was nearby .

  35. finally they stop creating more problem for eu

  36. Al Jazeera is a leftist channel that promotes invasion of migrants in western countries and criticize people against it, but they never criticize the racism of Qatar for not wanting to take in these African refugees… They know who feeds them… Qatar has a better GDP per capita than any western country in the world so their inhabitants are richer and has better living condition than us but they are so racist that they don't accept any African refugee.

  37. Oh you mean you can't set up schedules for smugglers to bring out their human cargo to you! How did you decide which crime syndicate got service from you?

  38. Yes thankfully that retardation stopped

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