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Renault Zoe 180-mile range EV hands-on

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  1. so many mistakes on their fact checks.

  2. Very ignorant review.

    It cannot be compared with a tesla. Zoe is most affordable EV.

    Zoe can be bought without battery lease too.

    There is two variants called q90 and r90 .

    Zoe can only charge upto actual speed of 32kw. Which is slow for 40kwh battery

  3. You can buy or lease the batteries, if you are going to do an informative car vlog, do it right.

  4. A: 400km Range (theoretic)B: Android Auto SupportC: You CAN buy the battery

  5. ugly af. Tesla master race

  6. sounds racist to me only rich white people can afford this car they should not be making it becuase only rich whites can afford it. to me, blacks and Hispanics should be getting these cars for free including free electricity to power them.

  7. Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to have access to gadgets and technology; Engadget has racist and classist undertones.

  8. Renault is racist for not having it outside of Europe.

  9. Small country like France? France doesn't really fit the definition of small.

  10. Great review. Renault must work to enhance range retention; the range drop is too much in the cold. And thanks you for using metric units. Please continue to use them.

  11. Last I checked leasing the battery from Renault is an option and you can choose to buy the battery for a larger upfront cost. Edit: I have learnt this is not the case in France but still is the case in the UK at least

  12. 180 miles NEDC is not greater than 150 miles EPA…!

  13. A eletric car you havent seen…
    Zoe its the most comon car by far with nissan leaf
    In portugal its everywere even being a eletric car its more comon that most petrol cars

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