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Renegades record first BBL|09 win despite rain, Thunder | KFC BBL|09

The Renegades put together their best performance of the season to beat the Thunder in Canberra and record their first win of the campaign


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  1. at least it’s raining now in australia…

  2. At least they fought till the end
    Gr8 sportsman spirit

  3. 3:30 that run out was just …

  4. Some horrid umpires in the bbl Jesus

  5. When nabi came then they win😅

  6. Whenever anyone exclaims 'SIXER' after a 6 is hit I discredit anything they go on to say in the future

  7. Watch Who’s best swing bowler in the world ..Muhammad Asif vs Glenn McGrath

  8. Nice to see some replays 👌

  9. Isa Guha ruins the fun shots and deliverys. needs to shut up

  10. How has nobody mentioned the pun in the title yet? Lol

  11. Why did they change batting order of classy hitter Harper and sent useless Harris and Marsh as openers. I'm looking forward for his bright future in Australia team.

  12. damn I thought they won title
    but after reading comments
    I found that it was their first win.

  13. 'Players breathe '
    Commentators: 'oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh wowwwwwwwwwwww'

  14. i was expecting them to win Against thunder

  15. Don't share ladies commentary

  16. Reporter to Renegades :- how u feel after first win of the this season ?

    मैनें आपको जवाब दे दिया है

  17. I'm confused🤔 is this 2009 or 2019? somebody ~ anybody

  18. The fekete run out was probably the 2nd best run out i've seen behind zampa breaking his nose

  19. Thunder are really unlucky
    2 games affected by rain and 1 affected by smoke. How are they gonna get anywhere with all disadvantages coming their way

  20. 4:34 did she just say ‘slutted away’

  21. Rcb fans are so confused because of Finch in t20i and odi

  22. Where did that Harrison Andrews guy go?

  23. Ross is outstanding 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  24. Love for australia and BBL

  25. Sam Harper have some ausie potential

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