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Rep. Crawford: You know Adam Schiff is lying if ‘his mouth’s moving’

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, discusses the impeachment inquiry. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Whistle blower is Hillary Clinton… Think about it

  2. If every American spent two hours a week learning the FACTS about what is going on in DC Democrats would be run out of town tarred and feathered . Facts ! Not political opinion of media propagandists .

  3. Adam Schiff is a little weasel in a little mans body .

  4. What whistle blower it’s all BS

  5. Adam shift has NEVER lied, this is a smear on an American hero.

    Name one lie?

  6. ~amazing that this person is running a dog and pony show as this person does not know of the eighth commandment and of course does not know of the Akashic Records where KARMA is stored and doled out at a later time in one's life~sad that it will only be his ego that brings him his salvation and that day will never happen~if one is hiding something from someone else hence he his building up a case of false witness and committing a more serious crime than what man's crimes are indeed~this guy reminds me of Mara, Buddha's evil ego that tempted Buddha's before he became awakened~but what we say in ZEN*~"we'll see"~as the truth is within his very own Akashic Records that the Universe stores for all our right and wrong doings~

  7. Pelosi and Adam shift are heads of the deep state they are both guilty of corruption Adam shift can't even spell the word truth more less tell the truth

  8. What a weird interview. If Adam Schiff were a ham sandwich, would you eat him?

  9. "The impeachment inquiry, moreover, has gathered an ever-growing body of evidence — from witnesses and documents, including the president's own words in his July 25 call record — that not only confirms but far exceeds the initial information in the whistleblower's complaint …In light of the president's threats, the individual's appearance before us would only place their personal safety at grave risk."
    —Adam “Whiff of” Schiff

    Adam “Bull”Schiff obviously moonlights as a daytime soap opera scriptwriter. He deserves a soap opera scriptwriter’s equivalent of an Emmy Award for this one🤣😂. Gotta hand it to the guy -he’s got one hell of an active imagination!

  10. Has anyone looked at Shiff's eyes ? His eyes clearly tell people that he is a documented liar and cannot be trusted.

  11. Impeachment is serious? Republicans impeached Clinton for lying about a BJ. That's how flippantly they approached the matter. That's how low a bar the Republicans set for impeachment.

  12. Public hearings start next week. This didn't age well. Another right-wing strawman lands with a thud.

  13. Adam Schiff should be arrested for treason against the United states and face a firing squad immediately.
    No due process.
    Guilty in the court of public opinion.

  14. Every time I see Schiff, I'm reminded of buffalo bill from silence of the lambs. I can see Schiff dancing with his tiny junk tucked between his legs, saying I would impeach Trump, I would impeach him hard!😆

  15. "Adam Schiff" should remember "Maximilien Robeslierre"

  16. What is it with these female presenters continually interrupting the answers to HER questions.

  17. ''The Joker'': Main role: Adam Schiff

  18. The legend says :

    if Schiff does not lie in a day, he cannot reach sleep when the day ends.

  19. Why do we put up with a proven liar and leaker,means he betrays us all and not a man to ever be trusted Schiff is a national disgrace ,no wonder no one wants to work with him,he should be in jail. Trump 2020

  20. Well if you tell a lie loud and long enough it becomes truth, those who show their ignorance will start to believe that lie bc either they are just to dumb to know any better or just to lazy to research the actual facts and proof.

  21. You think Trump is going to let Schiff get away with this??? he, he…..NO WAY! He will roll over Schiff like a steam roller…wait and see. Get your popcorn ready…

  22. How in the h*** does two people get away with Trying to overturn an election? President trump supporters Can't go protest because we work and don't live in Lala land. So we'll just beat that a** at the ballot Box.

  23. Adam business partner is the so called whistle blower.he worked for joe Biden.and Adam shift was seen on Jeffery child rapist island all the time

  24. Even if they did get a chance to question Adam shift he would still be lying!! To cover his own to rush!! Because that's what he's done from the beginning!! The demo's don't like Pres.Trump because they can't control him cause he doesn't need they're money!!! Have you ever heard of anyone that's poor signing your paychecks!!💒👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸💒👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸💒👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🇺🇸

  25. Senate won’t pass this so this is nothing but one big butt puppet show.

  26. Schiff is so corrupt how is he not removed and locked up.


  28. 111 represents every form of leaderships past.

  29. Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for. Will Rogers

  30. Ronald Reagan is the Whistle-Blower.

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