Rep. Doug Collins compares Democrats to 'petulant children'

Rep. Doug Collins, (R-Ga.), discusses House Democrats’ timing on the Judiciary Committee’s impeachment vote, government budget and the IG report.

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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re ALL in on this joke of a soap opera! NOTHING will be done about any of the low-life DOD, FBI, DOJ & the rest of the guilty!

  2. When a political party shatters, this is what it looks like. Dems see they are going to lose in a landslide in only 10 months.

    They have done everything possible to turn around the parties decline. They have moved increasingly to the left in search of votes. But, the voters in the middle have increasingly defected to the GOP. The Dems have opened the borders to try to bring in poor Latinos to shore up the party voter base. Their game is clear. Do everything possible to shake up the envitable results coming. Propaganda, impeachment, shutting down free speech, and sending their Antifa goons into the streets to break up political events by the GOP opposition.

  3. The Democrats have become the big government tyrants our founders warned us about.

  4. I've already run out of popcorn five times and the warehouse is now refusing new orders under 100 tons.

  5. Democrats are doing just what they are designed to do, which is make unnecessary decisions for us Americans because they don't trust us and they call us ignorant…TRUMP OUR PRESIDENT AND WE DECIDED AND DEMS CAN'T STAND IT! dems are not needed here..period..please lets drain the swamp for God sake and America!

  6. All Democratics will be in Hot water , with the people in their states.

  7. She👎 just forgot to put her staff pin 🦅 on, that’s all it is

  8. Remember people before you can flush out rats, a few righteous will fall, I am not surprised by this outcome.

  9. Where is that Stafanic lady? She's nice to listen to.

  10. CIVIL WAR had begun, take notice of all the socialists around you, they will need to be handled before they handle us

  11. I see what's going on. The Dumb left's wallet is drying out. Their back hand deals are being thwarted, and their financial supporters are fuming and they want their money back.
    Hahahahaha !!! Burn, Dumb O Rats, Burn !!! That's what you get for playing with peoples taxes !

  12. If all news outlets were as honest as Fox they wouldn't dare impeach Trump. They would be to worried. It's the corrupted ness of of these enquirer type news outlets that gives them the bravado to act so bad.

  13. mr.collins you are the man.Thank GOD for uncorrupted members of our government who are standing up and speaking out on these criminals.

  14. You know for once in the history of the United States of America we actually have a president that's doing something for the American citizens and not merely his own portfolio. We the people know exactly what you lawyer politicians have been doing for decades with our money we know this is why we elected Donald Trump you idiots.

  15. This impeachment BS seems eerily reminiscent of Obamacare oh, you know let's do the impeachment and then we'll figure out the crime after! Do you all recall Obamacare we need to pass this bill to find out what's in this bill! Democrats have stupid policies stupid ideas and stupid agendas.

  16. Devin Nunes sho has been quiet of late. What's up with that?

  17. The dream of the Narcissistic Authoritarian Aristocracy (deep state) of usurping the American Democratic Republic's Constitution. REJECTED

  18. What else needs to be said than "they were planning impeachment before the phone call was ever made"?

  19. How could all these errors happen over a 9 month period ? It's simple this was done on purpose to unseat a duly elected president it is a coup and people need to be prosecuted for their parts in it.

  20. that black girl for the dem is spying on doug collins paperwork live right now

  21. Hey FOX, read your own polls.

  22. Doug Collins is Trump,s Political Butt Puppet

  23. Apt descriptor. Bolsheviks gonna Bolshevik. How do people not know this?

  24. The Democrats are trying to turn this country into a third world hell hole.

  25. Ego maniac's grave attention and will lie to get it

  26. The Left is BUYING TIME to figure what to do as the last drops of swamp water quickly evaporate under foot. They know their days are numbered…JUST LIKE SATAN.

  27. Nadler wanted a straight vote without more hours of disrupting the hearing.

  28. Unconstitutional!!!!! The Democrats are undermining the Constitution and President Trump!
    I say take this to the Supreme Court then sue them for damages!!

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