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Rep. Duncan Hunter To Plead Guilty To Misusing Campaign Funds | NBC Nightly News

After declaring he’s “done nothing wrong,” the Republican Congressman is now saying he’ll plead guilty to violating federal law by spending campaign contributions on himself and his wife.
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Rep. Duncan Hunter To Plead Guilty To Misusing Campaign Funds | NBC Nightly News


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  1. One of the first Congressmen to come out and endorse Trump! …so, another Trump buddy going to prison.

  2. What else do you expect from a CUNTSERVATIVES

  3. Re election?

    He should be ashamed

  4. Nothing wrong?

    Answer of usual hit went wrong

  5. He's a lying gutless coward, perfect for the republicans. A real family values guy!

  6. Forgive me but it's proving extremely difficult not to go 😂😂😂

  7. Why aren’t you doing any stories on The Squad? Those women are misusing funds as well.

  8. NBC thank you for pointing out one person in Congress who happens to be a Republican, who is guilty of corruption.
    They all play by the same rule book.
    They all play by the same rule book..
    We have the best Congress money can buy

  9. And yet nothing will happen to Ilhan Omar, Cortez or Talib, all of whom are guilty of the same thing.

  10. This guy, his wife and his dad are all pieces of excrement, and so is his buddy Devin Nunes and his buddy Kevin McCarthy and his buddy Darrell Issa.

  11. The Republicans are ALL dirty!!! Blue Wave 2020!!

  12. The first two Republican Congressman who endorsed Trump are both now either in prison or will be going there. It shows a lot about how criminal the Republican Party has become. It is no longer the party of law and order.

  13. Watch all the troll democrats get all bent about 200,000$. Funny.

  14. Not once do they announce he's a member of the republican party. If this were a democrat Trumpublicans would be gathering their pitchforks, a length of rope and tiki torches. I'm sick of their hypocrisy.

  15. That's very shameful behavior. $500.00 to ship a rabbit across the country is ridiculously stupid.😂

  16. What's the difference him and the whole GOP?

  17. What slime ball he deserves a long prison with big bubba as his cellmate

  18. Throw away the key on every low life GOP!

  19. Wy didnt he jus blame it on Joe biden ,Hillary clinton,or Barrack Obama. The GOP. Cult would beleive anything

  20. Another trump stooge convicted. vote George Conway a real man of integrity unlike dirty donald trump, let put someone in the presidental office that will respect our constitution, our military, institutions and our fellow human beings. Vote George Conway all the way

  21. They are probably getting even with him because he went on Judge Jeanine's show to warn Americans about one of Sadam Hussein's former compadres that has a lease on a port in Florida where they could bring in containers on ships equipped with cruise missles. The business is called Gulftainer. Maybe some of you should look it up. It's tied to Russia.

  22. Our dear President Trump will pardon Rep Hunter.

  23. So let me get this straight , as a convicted felon, he can still serve in Congress but as one , I can't vote him out…figures.

  24. His father was a crook too.

  25. Another Criminal Republican oinking at the trough? This is my shocked face.

  26. Drain the swamp Trump. No matter the party.

  27. No more excuses, just go home and make a new life for youself.

  28. NBC News- Biased leftist Propaganda for the stupid and uninformed.
    What about EPSTEIN you filthy rats??📺💵🗳🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀

  29. Creep..sounds like a Black Democrat..SAD!!

  30. He switched it up . Trump probably told him get your sentence and don’t worry. I’ll pardon you. Let your wife do the time.

  31. I haven't followed the case. I'll trust that the voters will re-elect him if he runs IF they think this was all misinterpreting/misapplying the laws in an effort to oust Hunter from office. If he was corrupt, or his wife that corrupt, then we're better off with someone new, responsible and competent.

  32. Please remember to donate to Amy McGrath's campaign and DITCH MITCH 2020!!!


  34. Does that mean I can run for President. I have felony for drugs 1988. I worked for ollie north and Reagan and them. If so Vote for me Joseph A Webb President of the United States of America Uniting America and the World for the first time and forevermore. We are the World. Let's do this C'mon now

  35. Where do people learn about politics? Seriously.

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