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REPORT: Boeing Charged Extra For Lifesaving Safety Features On Planes

REPORT: Boeing Charged Extra For Lifesaving Safety Features On Planes

An investigation revealed that Boeing was charging extra for “optional” safety features on their planes. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/21/crashed-boeing-jets-lacked-key-safety-features-that-were-add-ons.html

“Boeing jets in Ethiopia and Indonesia lacked two safety features in their cockpits because the company charged extra to install them.

The features could have helped pilots detect erroneous readings, which some experts believe might be connected to the planes’ failures, The New York Times reports.

Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which crashed within five months of each other, were brand new but were not equipped with an angle of attack indicator or an angle of attack disagree light, the paper said. The angle of attack indicator determines how much the plane’s nose is tilted, and the disagree light is activated if the jet’s sensors are giving contradictory signals.

Boeing will now make the disagree light free of charge on all new 737 Max planes, after the deadly crashes caused all the Max planes to be grounded, according to the Times. The angle of attack indicator will remain an option that airlines can purchase, the report said. The company is also planning a new software update.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Rivets with heads on BOTH sides are extra.

  2. Actually as of May 2018 every car sold in America is required to be equipped with a backup camera.

  3. This wouldn’t have to do with any easing on regulations would it? 🤔

  4. This is what so called capitalism does…

  5. Wtf is this, DLC for planes?

  6. HUBCAPS!! = LMAO!!! Love Ana Facial expression!! lol 🙂

  7. I think the people from Apple now work for Boeing. Charging extra for safety features, REALLY !?

  8. Wow just wow. Imagine being that Greedy.

  9. All this r trash, BOEING had tooomuch orders from different countries

    They used in experienced workers to meet up demands

    But they don't care for the SAFETY OF THE PASSENGERS

    BUT they care for their money, BLOODY MONEY

    JUST put many people into 😔 sorrow
    Which doesn't make sense

  10. Boeing is going to take it in the rear end over this and rightfully so. Of all the brazen stupidity by a company, this one is pretty high up there on the list.

  11. Training alone could have prevented this. Which actually makes if it's a rich or poor county pertinent actually. The poor countries don't have the same regulations. So Ana you need to reconsider that.

    Proper training would have led to the pilots realizing the AOA sensors were in the loop so to speak.

    If the disagree light was there but you don't get training as to what it means… You're still just as likely to crash.

    This all comes down to training and regulation.

    What we want to know is "was certification rushed with lobby money?" That or negligent defect release. Otherwise, training needs to be given immediately…

  12. Inflight entertainment is optional. Not crashing should not be optional.

  13. You can always add more features and implement more redundency, but eventually it becomes excessive or unreasonable. A line needs to be drawn somwhere. Simply saying that these features exist doesn't answer that question, and without hindsight, there is not obvious reason why these particular feature should be included in addition to the existing safety measures.

    With hindsight, we can see that there is somthing wrong in this particular area of the plan and ought to now take measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

  14. There shouldnt be an option when it comes to safety. Just another way for corporations to make money.

  15. I wonder who the executive was who said lets cut a few corners & save a few dollars by making these things optional, now airlines are cancelling orders for these planes because people don't want to fly on them, plus Boeing's reputation is now tarnished, I wonder if they still feel those few dollars they saved where worth it…

  16. Only in America will safety be an optional cost lol like healthcare. U pay or die ..the Boeing is american product right ?

  17. Wow . Deregulation at its worst

  18. We actually had an issue that Ralph Nader became known over. It was a war over prices between Chevy and Ford I believe. Look it up. It came down to Nader losing his friends in a car wreck that seat belts were not a standard feature, when the year before they were in the same model. Nader sued as they were trying everything to discredit and scare Nader away from the lawsuit he filed. He reinvested the money awarded him to continue fighting issues to include getting the EPA established.

  19. Imagine if a car pulls heavily to one side, and they made it an optional extra to have it so it stays in a straight line better, that's basically the car version of what Boeing were doing.

  20. Ok cenk, time for you to get a chauffeur and give up your driver's license. Love you brotha, but you are obviously a lousy driver.

  21. This is very ignorant. My comment will get buried so I won't explain how stupid this video is and how Boeing are actually rather innocent in this whole thing.

  22. corporate greed and profits always seem to trump personnel safety of others

  23. One day when the Earth is uninhabitable & we’re all living on space ships. You will be responsible for paying your own oxygen bill. Either pay it or die .

  24. “Get some cool hub caps” hahaha that shit was too funny Cenk

  25. Pay extra to keep the plane from crashing into the ground. Wtf?!

  26. Or you could ridicule the airlines for not purchasing the safety features. And the people that want to pay for flight in a plane with these safety features can choose not to fly if the plane is lacking such features. And the market will respond appropriately.

    You are so condescending and stupid at the same time. I really hope you two never try to chew gum while walking.

  27. I’ve seen nothing but horrible misuse from backup cameras. Are they really more safe?

  28. Do cars have hub caps anymore ???

  29. It's too early to speculate as to cause of the crashes.

  30. The automatic moving of the nose downward in a high pitch situation should be required, but angle of attack indicator shouldn’t. Pilots already have an attitude indicator and a vertical speed indicator, along with a checklist on their kneeboard of airspeeds that would indicate that a stall that is forthcoming. Overall, the sentiment towards Boeing’s corporatism is still fair 👍.

  31. welcome to fly by night airways…..our staff will be coming down the aisle to take your drink snack and seat belt order…please have you debit or credit card ready to purchase these options….

  32. Capitalism at its best!

  33. Now I want to know which airlines are paying for it and which aren't.

  34. Does ana have a background in aeronautical engineering?

  35. While Boeing definitely shares blame here, with this specific case, one has to be reasonable.

    There are literally hundreds of safety features on a plane. And you can build even more. And keep building. That will take money, space and energy. Somewhere the plane maker and the customer has to make a commercial decision.

    There certainly are issue with this system and Boeing fcked up. No doubt. But not necessarily this feature issue.

  36. Greed kills a lot of people

  37. Wow….boeing and US destroyed my country's airplane manufacturing company, for this?

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