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Republican Witness Jonathan Turley: ‘This Is Not How You Impeach An American President’ | NBC News

Republican witness Professor Jonathan Turley spoke out against the impeachment inquiry explaining that while he does not support President Donald Trump, he also does not feel that impeachment is warranted.
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Republican Witness Jonathan Turley: ‘This Is Not How You Impeach An American President’ | NBC News


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  1. Very well said. Get Trump in the election. Thats the way to do it

  2. All the ghosts of the founding fathers stand behind him!

  3. This man has given the Republicans some momentum. I don't know if I would call him a Scholar; a law professor, yes, but not a Scholar. He's not sharpest tool in the shed.

  4. Doesnt matter in the long run this country is done war is coming then no one wins. Idk the country is streight up an evil empire been this way for a hundred centuries its all about to fall on us all.

  5. No we let him commit crimes and do what he wants hes the one along with Republicans aint cooperating they wont turn over documents or bring people forward to testify there avoiding the truth this is what criminals do.

  6. When I first saw and heard Nadler talk and interact with speakers, I immediately distrusted him. He seems cold, uneducated, and extremely detached and biased from society. He is what I envisioned when I thought of an elitist, one sided, self absorbed, mediocre white man.

  7. Sorry NBC…#fakenews as usual….Jonathan Turley is not a Republican! He even stated he is not a fan of Trump. If you're going to show #fakenews at least make sure that the person speaking actually backs up what you're saying…

  8. He wasn't a Republican Witness.

  9. NBC not limiting itself to anti-Trump propaganda?

  10. This is the only witness in this entire process that made any sense.

  11. There are 302 people more hatefull than lawfull. Sad and scary.

  12. Mr. Turley knows the history of law and knows the consequences of bending the law in your benefit. Democrats walk a dark path.

  13. The most reasonable perspective presented to us so far yet it'll have not weight on the hearings. Sad.

  14. "No matter how you feel about (the President), no matter how you feel about the independent counsel, by his own conduct, he has deprived himself of the perceived legitimacy to govern. You need both political and legal legitimacy to govern this nation, because the President must be able to demand an absolute sacrifice from the public at a moment's notice." Turley, before the House Judiciary Committee, 1998.

  15. NBC u ok??? What happened to fakenews

  16. this guy is a democrat. A sane one 😂

  17. Karlan is a smug, arrogant, angry biatch. And she sure was beaten with the ugly stick. UGH!

  18. Frankly Turleys testimony is historic … and I am not saying out of love for trump

    But impeachment has become so partisan that tomorrow democrat president can also be impeached

  19. Crushed the rabid other three “experts” with his pinky!

  20. He is not a supporter of President Trump. He is a supporter of the Constitution and rule of law.

  21. Trump2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. wow nbc, you really need to put "Republican Witness" to introduce the speaker. but i dont see any "Democrat Witness" for the others. makes me remember how they treat candice owens in one of the hearings before.

  23. That was one of the most stirring testimony I’ve ever heard. I would rank it up there with some of the best of all time— he clearly out classed those other three and by a substantial distance.

  24. Being a Republican witness doesn't mean hes a Republican why are people assuming he is

  25. Thanks NBC For Standing Up Telling the Real News


  27. This sounds like some kid running for class President of the 6th grade

  28. Much respect for Jonathan Turley the only expert out of the others that knows about the laws for impeachment.

  29. Iv been in America my whole life, i have never left the country but if It was my choice If be happier in my Own country.
    I got the Laws Foundation & I can walk straighter than you. I know that our country has gone too far. I would live off the Eco System and do things more Shamanistic. We are living in Folly here. I have my own flag. See and now you can say you seen the Son Rise from the West.

  30. May Jonathan Turley Live Forever

  31. For a law professor not to understand the tenants of impeachment is deplorable. An attempt at securing a public investigation of a political rival by a foreign country is certainly a violation of his oath of office and in using public funds as leverage while people are dying is unconscionable. I am not sure shooting someone on Madison avenue is impeachable by his standards as Trump purports.Money talks ??????

  32. What happens next…..Trump 2020 is what happens next.

  33. This is the best, most well spoken, fair, honest, reasonable, to the point (the real point), about the principle of the matters at hand and very decent thing I have heard a Democrat politician say since President Trump has been elected president. I could almost see professor Johnathon Turley switch sides and become a Republican after this is all said and done due to the ridiculous and completely unethical behavior as well as his seemingly personal disgust for his parties radical crazy behavior since before the 2016 election to the present day.

    I'm a conservative and I applaud you for this Mr. Turley. This was very well put indeed.

  34. The truly ironic part of all this is how hard they are pushing this despite the fact that the evidence they have against trump is a game of telephone and when the guy he supposedly was demanding quid pro quo from denies it completely while Biden successfully used the threat of withholding aid to ukraine if the state prosecutor investigating his son for corruption because of his role in the burisma energy company wasn't fired and then BRAGGED about it on air is above investigation.

  35. Finally a man who's honest far and few between democrats need to be arrested and charged for coup attempt treason and sedition!

  36. Funny CNN doesn't air any of the statements or testimony like this. Sad because CNN viewers believe they hear the whole story; but they don't, they get one very biased view and that's all.

  37. He's not saying you cannot impeach Trump. He's saying the methodology of the Democrats is dangerous for the country. He's saying they can build a case properly and get him but not in the way the Dems are trying to do now

  38. Just think how big the catfight was at MSNBC was when they were debating on airing this NORMAL witness's testimony


  40. "The Republican's witness who happens to be a Democrat"

  41. Trump attempted to extort a Bribe,
    so Turley changes the Subject and talks about Nixon.

  42. The only one that wasn't a left with Trump hating hack, that really cares about our constitutional law and our future. Jonathan Turley voted for Hillary and Obama, so give me a break liberals ….. LOL !

  43. Gotta wonder about something… I wonder if Professor Jonathan Turley is the Only One out of the 4 who testified ( opined ) earlier this week who has gotten Threats and calls for him to be fired? Progressiveliberalcrats Love to point out how Violent and Unhinged Republicans are….well, I bet the Threats Turley is getting is not from any Republicans!

  44. Turley supported impeaching Clinton because Clinton lied about a consensual relationship. Here he is saying that a president that extorts a foreign leader for personal/political gain by holding that leader's people hostage should not be impeached. Turley's sense of ethics is clearly backwards. He's definitely not an expert on right and wrong.

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