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Republicans Blocking Voting Reform

Republicans Blocking Voting Reform

Republicans are doing everything they can to undermine voting reform in Florida. Brooke Thomas, Jayar Jackson, and Sue-Ann Robinson break it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage Report on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDamageReportTYT/

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Read more here: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/03/politics/florida-house-vote-amendment-4-felons-voting-rights/index.html

“Washington (CNN) The Florida House Friday passed a bill that would require ex-felons in the state, who were granted the right to vote in a referendum last fall, pay all financial obligations before they can head to the polls, a measure that opponents have likened to a “poll tax.”

The Republican-controlled House passed the Voting Rights Restoration Act last week, and the state Senate passed a bill that includes similar measures Thursday night.

The House passed the Senate bill by a party line vote of 67-42 Friday, the last day of the legislative session.
The bill now heads to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk, and he has 15 days to decide whether to sign the bill, let it become law, or issue a veto. CNN has reached out to DeSantis’ office about whether he plans to sign the bill.

In November, Florida voters approved Amendment 4, allowing convicted felons who complete all terms of their sentence, including parole or probation, the right to vote, except those convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense.”

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  1. It's like watching the 3 stooges talking about politics.

  2. What republicans don't realize is that most bar fights that end in arrest are republicans.

  3. Republican playbook 101, if you can't beat em, cheat, cheat, then cheat some more.

  4. IF you have to pay for a right, it is no longer a right. Something conservatives should recognize.

  5. Typical republicans. the continually chip away at legislation they do not like until it no longer exists. then they stand up and cry, "See that never worked!"

  6. They don't deserve a vote. Period.

  7. Cuz screw what the people they supposedly represent voted for! Thats not how the GOP works. Besides, without rigging the system, how can they win?

  8. Republicans/GOP = Terrorists, Criminals, Gross Corruption, Evil, Traitors, Shameless. Please vote them out. Only vote for Democrats.


  9. I heard Bernie likes murderers and child rapists and wants them to vote for him

  10. This TYT video shows the destructive dumb-shittery of Cenk and others focusing on "Russian electoral interference". While TYT and other democratic oriented websites, writers, reporters, and, youtube pundits were constantly focusing on FAKE Russian electoral interference, the gop was running wild desinfranching democrats and in particularily masses of black people. The ONLY people who can cheat an election are the people inside the electoral systems. It has always been the case that only peopole "attacking" American elections are other Americans–believe me I know as I have many an election. Conspiracy dumbshits would have you believe that some troll in Russia had the power to defeat the system–that is the shit of Hollywood and not reality. TYT and the democratic party should right now, make voting intergrity thee main issue leading up to 2020. Naw, Russia xenophobia is more fun.

  11. GD criminals. Not the felony convicted voters. I mean the law breaking, immoral, cheating, oppressive Republican politicians.

  12. Voter reform would destroy the Republican party, and seriously hurt the establishment.
    The reason they have such a stranglehold in government is because they cheat.

  13. Blocking it on the Republican side and fixing it for Biden on the Democratic side. What's the difference. They're both the same, only 2 different names.

  14. Brooke you still look better 😀

  15. The GOP terrorists don't believe in our democracy, or our rights to vote.

  16. As a Floridian I'd like to offer my two cents but Brooke and Sue-Ann are just too Hot. Stop distracting me from my outrage!!

  17. gop always up to awful hateful schemes…. =(

  18. Asking for an ID to buy guns is racist. "It only hurts the black community because they're too poor or dont have the knowledge to obtain identification."

  19. They can have mine, it isn't like am using it. No one is worth my vote.

  20. It's like watching the 3 stooges talking about politics.

  21. The real popular vote, is popular vote per state. Stay mad libtards.

  22. I guess if US meddles in elections around the world. Then US should expect no better in return

  23. Nothing scares politicians more than the electorate that knows the law and their rights and demands their rights to be fulfilled.

  24. They can block sh it all they want….WE need to show up and vote and overwhelm the system with our votes like we did with Obama. Leave no question who the winner is period!

  25. It's pretty pathetic when Democrats have to appeal to convicted felons and illegal migrants to win elections. Basically, to everyone who enjoys a parasitic relationship with the larger society. And now teenagers. Next….. PETS. Free squeak toys for all, and five walks a day minimum.

  26. That black guy is always the dumbest motherfucker on whatever panel he’s on, has the critical thinking skills of a toad.

  27. As Cenk would put it: OF COUURRRSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!

    Seriously, destroying American Democracy has basically been the primary Republican project since the 1980s or so (possibly even the '70s), so anyone who thinks ( *cough* Joe Biden *cough* ) that they would ever allow any of that to be turned back has fallen victim to a ridiculous degree of naivete.

  28. I’m Australian and in Australia we have a fair and proper elections anyone who is eligible to vote convict pregnant woman astronauts and the homeless can all vote u yanks need to get it right because u didn’t last time that’s why u have the clown in the Whitehouse now u need to push the dems to put this in sight and fix it cause the republicans will use the Russians and all the vote rigging they can to win in 2020 don’t catch the sickness of being un American from trump

  29. Trump is your President !

    There you go!!!…..

  30. Bernie loves the convicts


  32. Meanwhile the Democrats are are trying to find a loophole around the electoral college and making up new rules as they go along to keep Trump's name off the ballot all together.

  33. I think tyt uses the word popular like its gone out of style

  34. they should put it mandatory.

  35. Death to the Republican party

  36. If they made it easy to vote, the Republican party would die faster.

  37. So I cant tell if your being vague on purpose or if its ACTUALLY a vague bill. Sources? Also, doesnt seem like voter suppression to me. While I think things like this can cause problems if too vague or not completely clear, this doesnt sound like voter suppression. It just seems like people want to make sure law abiding citizens have more power than ones who break laws. Offer a compromise instead of saying "eveil Republicans".

    2:35 it's clear she doesnt understand what's going on. It seems like shes telling what she WANTS to be true and not what IS true.

  38. The real popular vote, is popular vote per state. Stay mad libtards.

  39. Couldn't finish my whole thoughts below
    Errror 404..wtf that mean?

  40. I think democrats won the popular vote because they cheated.

  41. Long as you aren't on proba tion/parole your debt to society is paid. Felons can vote in Texas.

  42. That's rich coming from leftists who want Trump off states ballots for 2020

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