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Republicans Get Caught Lying on Climate Change

Climate change deniers aren’t crazy…they’re lying. John Iadarola takes on Senator Marco Rubio and other right-wingers on climate change. Join the home of progressives today http://tyt.com/JOIN

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  1. Rubio needs to grow up and find s real job already

  2. Climate change is just a way for liberals to tax the shit out of something. hey TYT explain something to me than why are the ice caps are Mars melting? Is the NASA robots causing climate change too? Answer is NO because they are solar powered. Or what about the moons of Jupiter that are also melting? No humans or robots on them? Yes there is something going on that is causing climate change but its happening to multiple plants and moons in the solar system. Mostly likely it's due to the fact that there are fewer sun spots than NASA has ever recorded right now which is going to cause the sun's core to warm up How's that science for you. And no an emission tax is not going to solve it. Because let's get real that's are you're looking for.

  3. SMH, climate changes, ..been doin it for 100ks of yrs. To say we are contributing to the speed of it. has NOT BEEN proven. The problem is, our we to give billions of pur tax money to the gov. to try to stop it? 1 country? China isnt changing shit. Billions are given to people that cant fix it, they live large off our tax money. Plus they want to take away our ability to ….own property…to stop climate change? BS! I dont like agenda 2030. No to nation unions n Yes to independence.

  4. Young turds are a bunch of s***heads. Computer modeling does not work Mr Al Gore. Young turds sponsored by George Soros.

  5. According to Al Gore. The polar ice caps would be gone by 2014…. He said this in his phony speeches.

  6. For starters, stop dropping bombs, in the Middle East.

  7. You have to realise that people are much older now and the brain cells are sadly lacking.

  8. Climate change is bullshit you asshole

  9. john is so damn hot…

  10. I'm so happy that the Koch brothers and 4chan trolls know more about man caused climate change then

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  11. These scientists are changing the climate- that is the only climate change. Are people really so blind that they can't look at what is going on and put two and two together???

  12. My gosh, you TYT freaks are seriously stupid . I'm not saying that to be mean but honestly you are dumber than a meth head flopping around outside a police station. I troll a lot of TYT video's & you fuckers get dumber & dumber per video yet your liberal snowflake tendencies make you believe you're smart & correct lmfao .

  13. John looks constipated in the thumbnail.

  14. What YOU ignore is the global effects of solar minimums, you know like the Little Ice Age of 1815, no crops that year

    You are equally arrogant in your beliefs from the party line

  15. We're represent every penny of Americans capital.for this freaking Republicans we are just a number on their check.they destroying our earth they control of every scientist and they're responsible for all those climate change.human are destroying each other in this world.

  16. I really enjoy these style of videos. Keep it up turks.

  17. There is no climate change!! Just like theres only 2 genders you cupcakes!!! There is a natural cycle of climate changes that have always occured!! Dont get me wrong humans are cancer of the earth and dumping oil in oceans etc. Is horrible for the planet…your climate change movement is political not for the better of the earth and its untrue..

  18. Surfers against environmental destruction ! Paul

  19. Why did Donald ‘duck’ Trump leave the Paris accord ? Idiots ! Paul Dixon Hove England.

  20. Speaking of liars, maybe if Democrats actually advocated for science as much as they try to turn it into a performance art, they would be talking about nuclear energy. But nope, gotta manipulate tax payers into paying for an intermittent energy system that won't do much for climate change and will never pay for itself in our lifetimes; not to mention, filling bureaucrats pockets like they tried to do with our healthcare.

    Explain to me, @ The Young Turks , how an energy source that emits 0 carbon is a dirty energy? The sun that you retards want to emulate uses nuclear fusion.


  22. The world is flat …. just like my street.

  23. Citizens United is danger to democracy. the sad thing is the amount of money changing hands and the end result is a devastating future for their own grandchildren!

  24. At first, they called their hoax “global warming,” but when it turned out the Earth wasn’t warming at all — funny how that works when you use actual data instead of fraudulently altered numbers — they had to roll out a more encompassing name: Climate Change. According to Climate Change cultists — named thusly because no amount of evidence can alter their “faith” in Climate Change — Earth’s climate never changed at all until humankind came along and started burning fossil fuels. But now every hurricane, flood, drought, forest fire and freezing arctic blast is automatically attributed to “climate change.” Yep, especially among young leftists who have been indoctrinated by the lies of government-run schools, they think their ancestors lived in a time when Earth was eternal Spring, with no climate variation or natural disasters whatsoever. It’s only because you and I are using air conditioning and driving SUVs that the planet has become angry, unleashing all sorts of climatic “changes” that otherwise would have never occurred. In over 500 years from the Renaissance , we’ve learned nothing, it seems, and “progressives” have thrust us back to an era of incredible ignorance and superstition where scientific evidence is abandoned for the sake of powerful cult-like beliefs.

  25. If you want to protect the environment get out and vote!! Absolutely humans are responsible

  26. Eliminate right wingers, save the world.

  27. Republicans have a very simple to understand idea on climate change. They believe it's more likely than not that climate change is real. However they believe if climate change is happening it's most likely not because of human interference and that humans can't do much to stop it. All the actions of reducing climate change just kill our economy not because of jobs created but because of the huge amount of burden it would be to fully transition our energy source from fossil fuels to clean energy. Right now windmills, water dams, solar energy and other clean energy only make up about 2 to 3% of this countries energy resources. That would all have to go up 20x to meet the demand. That's 20x more windmills (democrats are usually against offshore wind turbines), 20x more water dams (which requires alot more rivers that are even capable of putting a dam on), and 20x more solar energy which means 20x more land to be devoted to only solar energy. It's just not realistic to stop using fossil fuel for clean energy. However it is realistic to stop using fossil fuels and start using nuclear energy. Which is one of the cleanest sources of energy. Unfortunately democrats are extremely against nuclear energy. Even though we've consistently proven that they work fine. Just look at our aircraft carriers if they are reliable on military ships why wouldn't they be reliable on more secure land.

  28. No such thing as man effected climate change it's natural, cyclical. You idiots think CO2 is pollution. What do plants breathe?

  29. Politicians should have to pass a basic scientific test to be qualified.
    Also, stop dragging the rest of the planet down, America.

  30. I Want my R -12 refridgetant back also lunkheads!!

  31. The only lie, in regards to climate change? Is that it's not already too late!
    Be excited, people! We're going to get to see the end of the world!
    It will undoubtedly be, disappointingly underwhelming!!
    That's life….was life!

  32. John go
    You are awesome even better than Bernie if you work at it..

  33. Republicans Lying???? Oh Say It Isn't So😱😨😰😰😰

  34. Rubio is for sale for any Corporation be it guns or oil.

  35. Climate change deniers aren't (sincerely) crazy, they're just (malicious) liars.

    Next up… Holocaust deniers.

    I know the intersection of those two sets is, like, huge.

  36. I'm still waiting for all the fish in the ocean to disappear since the 1980s and Florida should be underwater 10 years ago so I should be a merman right now but I'm sitting on dry land.

    They come up with these freaking doom and gloom stories trying to scare people into changing and doing what they want and it's bullshit. "If we don't start today and do something now, in 10 years there won't be any chickens left on the planet!" There's always a bullshit story we are expected to go along with and then 10 years later, still PLENTY of fish, or "climate" or Florida hasn't sunk, or California hasn't broken off and floated away….. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    I'm all for cleaner emissions lowering co2 output ect. Just don't try to bullshit me about it.

    It's like those anti smoking commercials on tv. Yeah I get it smoking gives you cancer, but non-smokers and children get cancer, so yeah, don't bullshit me!

  37. of course climate change exists. The Earth is always changing. However, liberals have overhyped it

  38. Humans contribute to climate change but no where to the degree projected by the “Climte Change” Industrial Complex. Co2 is a green house gas but it’s gas needed for plants growth along with the sun and the fact there have been two Ice ages proving that it has happened before and will happen again. So instead of bitching about how about we do something about it. More than what we already give.

  39. Most people who deny the Armenian genocide aren’t crazy- they’re lying!


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