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Republicans Plot To Strip Elected Democrat Of Power

Republicans Plot To Strip Elected Democrat Of Power

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Republicans DO NOT care about democracy! Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

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“Gov. Scott Walker failed to win re-election in Wisconsin on Tuesday after narrowly losing to Democratic candidate Tony Evers.

However, the Republican leader of the state Assembly, Speaker Robin Vos, is considering stripping the governor’s office of power during a lame duck session of the legislature, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel politics and statehouse reporter Patrick Marley reported Wednesday.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Can't wait until Evers bankrupts the state. Then the Democrats will look like idoits for coming up with the idea that he should be Governor.

  2. I am so angry, and we want it to stop, and I hope someone tells us what we can do to stop it. Walker is so rotten, to the core.

  3. This thumbnail is the best resting-bitch-face ever

  4. …. wait…"The object of power is power.”? Guess it's obvious who had been taking pages out of Big Brother's book

  5. RepubliCONS and their Monkey in Chief ORANGUTAN need to be rounded up and this problem eliminated once and for all !! ✊ Enough is enough, time to clean this mess up !! 🤬🤬

  6. This video was a waste of time, how are they stripping power from the incoming governor?

  7. California has a Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission in Article XXI of the state constitution. Our districts have been drawn fairly since 2010 and we still hold 2/3 of the state legislature and about 80% of the congressional delegation.

  8. Southern states should only have one senator

  9. Don't fight back. We can't give them an excuse for them to say that we are the same. Let's just take it like always and hope they will change their minds again. No wonder dems always loose. No backbone. Always hiding cause someone feelings might get hurt. Meanwhile rep don't give a fk

  10. Walker was a Trumptard and needed to be removed…gerrymandering made sure they kept the house and senate, but that is going to change as well. Adios Trumptards!

  11. The republicans are all a bunch of lame brained criminals. They wrap themselves in the American flag and do the most un-American things.

  12. Oh he doesnt look like a pedophile..

  13. We have to do this same thing to all of the Democratic states that have the Governor's office. We have to make them hurt. The only future for the Republitards is extinction. No more nicey-nice. No more believing anything they say. Let's just smile and cut their political throats from ear to ear. Leave them bloodied and broken in the cesspool Cadet Bone-Spurs has built for them. Time to get serious. 2020 needs to be a bloodbath for the Cousinbrotheruncledaddy Family-Stick inbreds that think minority rule is their right. Going to be some hard lessons for all them. We are done with the gerrymandering, voter rolls expunged, registration requirements from days of Jim Crow, etc… ad nauseam. We are not going to be nice about this anymore. Reap what you have sewn. 🙂 Peace,

  14. i agree 100% with Cenk; beat the republicans at their own game !!!

  15. Cenk is speaking truth to power. Unfortunately, the establishment Dems don't have the stomach for this sort of tactic.

  16. Im tired of politics to be honest.

  17. Im not surprised by this as the current GOP is anti-government.

  18. Oh because of blatant voter fraud? Because the people counting ballots threw away republican votes, had a separate room where they forced people to bring stacks of blank ballots and filled them out for the democratic party, unloaded boxes full of republican ballots from trucks fired people who were ordered to bring stacks to those rooms. Yeah you did this in 2016 with Hillary and Trump set a trap for you scumbags this year. I'd strip that power from that elected official too. You filthy corrupt Democrats.

  19. This sounds like a replay of North Carolina, it didnt work there so it wont work.

  20. Both Dems and the GOP are ridiculous. But I must say the Right is just flat out dirty.

    DEMS have been caught once again.
    Its a long swan song for sure but the Dems are dying out.
    Their failed policies, corruption and Lib nonsense has ensured ultimate demise.
    MAGA 2020.

  22. fake news is propaganda if you want to talk about something let's just talk about how the Republicans are getting cheated on their out of their votes in Florida Georgia and Arizona let's talk about that no that would be against your liberal agenda spreading liberalize propaganda creating unrest in our country just to keep the Liberals and Power

  23. Remember, the current globalists are fighting for open borders and voting by non-citizens…. And children

  24. How about instead of trying to cheat like the Republicans, the Democrats run with election reform as part of their progressive platform? Don't just add to the voter suppression, fight back with MORE VOTING RIGHTS:

    -Automatic voter registration
    -Ranked choice voting
    -Nonpartisan redistricting
    -Election days as holidays

  25. They did the exact same thing here in NC.

  26. Republican philosophy, if you can't beat em cheat em.

  27. Keep on reporting the news and ignore these haters and trolls!

  28. Bullshit! Nothing but lies from the young turks

  29. TYT , the young Turds at it again with Progressive Propaganda

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