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Republicans Propose Jailing Teachers

Republicans Propose Jailing Teachers

Two Republican lawmakers in Colorado was to put teachers behind bars. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join

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Read more here: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/4/23/17270422/colorado-teachers-strike-jail-bill

“Two Republican state lawmakers are trying to shut down a potential teachers strike in Colorado with the threat of jail time.

The bill, introduced in the state Senate Friday, prohibits districts from supporting a teachers strike and requires schools to dock a teacher’s pay for each day they participate in a walkout. The teachers could also face up to six months in jail and a $500 daily fine if they violate a court order to stop striking. Under the new law, sponsored by state Sen. Bob Gardner (R) and state Rep. Paul Lundeen (R), a teacher could be immediately fired without a hearing.

The harsh punishment comes in reaction to the teacher strikes sweeping red and purple states, including Oklahoma, West Virginia, Arizona, and Kentucky. Thousands of teachers in Colorado have joined the grassroots movement, holding rallies at the state capitol in recent weeks to demand a pay raise and more funding.

Teachers are planning to walk out of class on April 27 to protest low teacher pay and school spending. Several school districts, including Denver schools, have announced they will close that day.

Colorado teachers are among the lowest paid in the country, earning an average $46,155 in 2016 — ranking Colorado 46th in average teacher pay according to the National Education Association. The state also spends about $2,500 less per student each year than the national average.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. What about pay them overtime and a rise. Now parents beleave teachers has to educate their baby asssholes. Come on!

  2. Why not just quit being a teacher to punish the Republicans? Wait no, because that would be rewarding them. Actually, If all the teachers quit and tutors no longer were a thing, we would have more rich idiots like Donald Trump. Yeah that would be rewarding the Republicans.

  3. Conservatives are antieducation because they know that education makes people left wing

  4. The reason, the Republicans won't, support the education system, they don't get anything in return, so much for the work of charity, and taking trip through the loop holes.

  5. This country is based on Union Standards.

  6. If Trump, is ever impeached, we can make, it a national holiday, and celebrate every year.

  7. How long before Republicans are jailed for treason?

  8. Amen to him getting put out of office!

  9. What you are forgetting is that teachers doing this and forcing schools to close is Hurting Hundreds of children. And they should should be sued for each student they harmed. I'd say 500$ is a very light ammount compared to the millions they'd get from a lawsuit from the children's parents. Also 50k is farrrrrr higher then the 93% of the country living off minimum wage earning 17k-20k a yr. No sympathy for teachers thinking they got it Bad lol lol lol. Also they are saying they can practice their free speech AS long as it isnt striking and Harming HUNDREDs to Thousands of children. Also inducing a protest is Not thoughts moron its talking to them and telling them to protest. Thoughts is you thinking it. Saying it is inducing. Also leftists(Democrats) are the ones trying to remove free speech and the right to bare arms.

  10. Why is it whenever Ana says something Cenk feels the need to re-explain it? Just curious. I've noticed in ever video I watch from these guys Cenk always seems to mansplain after Ana. He always says the exact same thing basically…what is he afraid that people are tuning out Ana or something? Or perhaps does he thinks she doesn't explain it well enough? There's no need for him to do it and honestly I'm shocked Ana doesn't mention it. I'd get damned sick of it if I were working with him day after day with him doing that.

  11. (back then)
    I want to be a Teacher when I grow up.
    Not in this America.

  12. Teachers are dedicated to their jobs. They buy school supplies with their own money. And trump's administration can fly first class with trump golfing every other week sad

  13. The reason Republicans want schools and other public funded programs is so they can invest even more of their money in private organizations. The poor and middle class people that vote for trump and the Republican party don't see that it's going to hurt them also they are the ones with the money to invest. Shaun hannity took advantage of the HUD program to invest and buy many properties.

  14. Its probably just easier to get teachers a pay raise instead of trillions in tax cuts to fat cats.

  15. Welcome to what would be called the Republican world order. people got to understand they want to be the Kings and they want us to be the servants even though our money is what pays the salaries.

  16. The purpose of the workers strike is to obtain salaries , food for the children, and money for supplies for the children. You won't bust a union by threatening then with prison. Progressives will come out with them and the children marching for them will march with them. They have more numbers than you can contain. It would be your mistake

  17. I would agree with this principle IF they also jailed Mitch McConell and his cronies for six months for every time they did nothing in congress.

  18. America is sounding more like North Korea every day !

  19. I love all this winning !

  20. Im fine with them getting their pay cut when they miss a day to go protest…but getting them locked in jail for 6 months is just a little way too extreme

  21. Jailing teachers ……
    But not jailing trump for his russian
    Socialist connections with his pal putin who s ass he kisses constantly ?

  22. Republicans are the enemy of the American Workers.

  23. You can't expect a baker to sell a cake… But we can force teachers to teach for shit pay

  24. I support our teachers… They can strike for what they need

  25. Actually Colorado is middle of the pack in teacher pay. The correct ranking is 30th in the nation. That being said, the funding for education in Colorado is disgraceful!

  26. Well the parents will have to step up and make this happen because it is bad enough that our education system when held up against the rest of the world ranks in the bottom. Maybe it is time for parents and forward thinking teachers to come together to replace this broken system with one that benefits both teachers and students. There are other countries that handle education completely differently. This is the time while people are fired up to do something great.

  27. Why people go into college debt to get into a teaching "career" is beyond me. School districts will do NOTHING to incentivise the job as long as there is a loooooooong line to get in the door.

  28. RUSH LIMBA. HITS. NEW. LOW. SAYS. LOCK. UP. KIDS. TEACHERS. !!!!!!! FUCKRUSH. !!!!!!! canyonlocalfilmscom

  29. If you are a teacher GET OUT OF THE PROFESSION NOW!!!

  30. They strike for everything. And the kids now days are dumber than kids in any other country. how's that happen.

  31. Republicans are nothing but lowdown scum!

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