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Returning to Fukushima | Explorer

Returning to Fukushima | Explorer

The Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima suffered a meltdown in 2011. Now, Japan has a plan for residents to return to the area.
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Returning to Fukushima | Explorer

National Geographic

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  1. The Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant spewed radiation across dozens of towns, triggering a 12-mile evacuation zone. What are your thoughts on Japan encouraging people to move back?

  2. How contradicting saying the radiation is still very high while roaming around the area wearing nothing on her head?..why is that?

  3. They never will tell the truth on how bad this is.

  4. Radioactive Boar!!!! sounds like a great story line for the next Godzilla movie.

  5. Was the drone irradiated?

  6. No need to worry about North Korea, Japan's haven for volatile earthquakes / tsunami will eventually strike many other plants.

  7. Nuclear energy is cheap. Not.

  8. How come that guy isn’t wearing any protection ?!

  9. It's funny that those who had been doing the campaign on eating food from Fukushima died from Leukemia. This is clearly paid advertisement by Japanese government.

  10. I wonder where will they move, or dump all those nuclear waste?

  11. well, at least they have a plan and are taking steps. and it wasnt an explosion in the core itself.
    and it was a natural disaster that overcame their basic natural disaster.
    but in Ukraine, chernobyl still sits there… being the ultimate reminder of Nuclear missteps

  12. Imagine a radioactive wild boar chasing you :/

  13. So when do they start cleaning up the PACIFIC OCEAN ? , oh , by the way the Bikini Atol is still unfit for humans .

  14. In Japan,I met one Japanese scientist,his age is 75 years old,Mr Ishibashi was even in GDR,east Germany for making Nuke power station in GDR,told us everything, near Fukushima all animals go mad, you see hogs go mad, also cows, dogs,with radiation if you want to listen reality in Fukushima,tell me

  15. Has any of you ever wondered as to how the water they are drinking is actually safe? Because they already mentioned the soil, so how about the bodies of water? Kinda curious here…

  16. RIP to all those who lost their lives in this tragedy.

  17. Reminds me Blade Runner 2049

  18. Why are we listing to talking heads that know nothing?

  19. A little overreacting at 8:02.

  20. When I was in Japan, a serious problem occured at a nuclear power station in Hokkaido. Everyone said that radio-contaminated water was flowing down the Japan Sea. It was hushed up by the Japanese government with no media coverage. The rest of the world never got to find out. The Japanese government always hides important things.

  21. What idiot decided that putting a nuclear power plant of that magnitude near the ocean in an earthquake prone area was a good idea? Now the whole world is paying for it. The Pacific Ocean is dead with no living creatures for thousands of nautical miles, I use to see turtles seals and whales all the time sailing 3000 nautical miles and the last time I took a trip not one single creature and the paint on my boat faded where it had been in contact with the water. I didn't realize how bad the situation was until I took my yearly trip that I will not be able to enjoy any more because of the extreme amount of radiation and contamination of the Pacific Ocean and west coast of the United States up to the rocky mountains. Expert's say 30 rem is normal. It's 1400 when I checked last year near the coast. I live near the east coast and glad I do but all the people who are being bathed in an astounding amount of radiation that have no clue. What's being done about it. Nothing.

  22. There is still a lot of info left out,
    have all of the rods been removed? (I don't think so)
    Is there still radioactive water leaking from the storage containers?
    Is there still radioactive water leaking from the reactor?
    What will be the effects on the Pacific ocean?

  23. 7:45 this why you horrible people get so much suffering, you really do deserve it

  24. As an Australian, I would not want to move into an irradiated area without major compensation. Although I’m almost 60 and prone to other illnesses, I would not want to risk shortening my life with degrading illnesses just to make some money or a corporation or government happy!

  25. Idiot host walking around a radioactively contaminated town without any filtration mask. She could easily be inhaling radionuclides and other hot particles that are airborne.

  26. "Nuk-ya-ler" ? frikkin idiot

  27. It's amazing how resilient the Japanese are! First, they shoot themselves in the foot, then they become better than they were before.

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