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Review: iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 | Engadget

Review: iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini 3 | Engadget

Apple’s annual tablet refresh includes a thinner and more powerful version of the iPad Air along with a Touch ID-enabled mini with Retina display.
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  1. they should have out the A8 chip in the mini 3

  2. After 5 minutes of using the iPad Air 2. I noticed that when you hold the iPad and use the speakers (even very low), You feel vibrations on the back that are very annoying. It doesn't seem to be a flawed batch but rather a conception problem since it's so thin. I checked several reviews on YouTube and none of them mentions that issue. If you plan to get one, I recommend you go to the store to check that out before buying.

  3. It actually has NFC, it just isn't activated. Maybe in the future.

  4. Do an iPad Air 2 bend test. You will shit yourself.

  5. keeping my mini 1. I don't use a password anyway so Touch ID will be useless to me. Gold mini 3? Same specs as 2. I want the 2 now but I cannot tell the difference between the retina and non retina so I think it makes sense just to keep 1.

  6. You sound like the guy from Khan Academy 

  7. This guy's voice almost sounds like its a bot reading out a script haha

  8. Even the reviewers seem to be getting bored with each new iteration of the iPad.

  9. No mute switch? I always have my iPad, and iPhone, on mute. How frustrating.

  10. Next ipad or iphone will be 18% thinner and twice as faster as the previous generation, so predictable.

  11. Apple is not smart,Touch ID not going to make people buy iPad Mini 2 again for $400.iPad Mini 2 that was release last year is $300 now.So they only selling Touch ID is $100 more 🙂

  12. Meh , probably want get this one. I have the big iphone 6 plus. When I got rid of my mini I didn't feel it was a must so Apple is going to have to give these tablets exclusive features

  13. And secondly…. What do you mean "unfortunately there's still no LED flash"? How's it unfortunate if no one needs it, its a tablet

  14. Soy el primero putoos / im the first

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