Home / Tech / ReWalk has built a stair-climbing exoskeleton, enabling a paralyzed man to walk again

ReWalk has built a stair-climbing exoskeleton, enabling a paralyzed man to walk again

Pushing the limits of exoskeleton technology at the Cybathlon: http://engt.co/2dOmbtf

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  1. Wow! I remember there was a gadget similar to this in a Sci-fi TV show back in the early 2000's called Dark Angel. It's absolutely amazing how it's been turned into something real and used to truly help people.

  2. me: dude i wanna have robot legs and run up walls and shit!
    youtube: paralyzed man walks again thanks to robotic legs
    me: i dont know if i should feel exited or bad for wanting this for myself.

  3. O please how do I get one for my brother Kendrick.He lost the use of his legs when he was 14.He is now 37 of age my name is jack I am his young brother.I just need to know where to buy one.Or let me know the info to send you.Please and God bless you guys in your amazing advancements to better help those who have be strucken by tragedy

  4. Yo good job Rewalk!!! Keep it up, need some more recent stuff, but keep it up

  5. please tel me the price and availability place and is it available in u.a.e?

  6. i need this machine where is this machine how much prize this.

  7. It's look too much heavy in wrest side.can it ware under the clothes?
    If it's a automatic system then Why patient need to use elbow crutch?

  8. Now that it exists it's only a matter of time before this becomes the standard of consumer needs. Everyone will have one of these in the future, I promise.

  9. Absolutely amazing. This will be my next step should I gather enough funds. The reason I've started my channel, Paralyzed Journey. Should Engadget ever engage in experimental trials in South Africa, I'll be first in the cue as a T12 paraplegic. Amazing work guys! I can just IMAGINE what that first step is like!

  10. Amazing! Israeli invention.

  11. This looks brilliantlI is it available in the Uk? If so how mutch.

  12. Should anyone read this that is looking for a simple answer to the stairs they could simply have the leg that is taking the step up have a sensor at the end of a foot and have it extend in to the front edge of the next step and have it then move 1 inch or so back from that step then have it determine the height in a similar way by having the foot go 1 foot high and then lower until it senses the bottom stair. after you have the length and height of the individual stairway it is quite a simple matter to have an algorithm that can calculate how to go about claiming an individual stairway without it being at all clunky as it seemed to be when walking up the stairs in this video.
    Sorry about the big run on sentences grammar was never my thing! XD

  13. Fantastic work.May there be further development into such tech,not only for the health industry,but for all Humanity too.

  14. nice one i hope it use ultracaps as a extra energy it will give extra power and speed! you can check my new exoskeleton2016!

  15. I wanna see it evolving and showing us where they can get! o/

  16. Awesome technology 👍🏾

  17. wow,it is really an awesome gadget though it is still in the first stage of development…good luck to them.

  18. What brand of shoes were those in the video fitted to the exo skeleton?

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