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Richard Ojeda’s SHOCKING Announcement

Richard Ojeda's SHOCKING Announcement

The West Virginian delivered his announcement via video. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomi Prins, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: https://go.tyt.com/Yrc3GcYR0LY

Read more here: https://theintercept.com/2019/01/25/richard-ojeda-president-drops-out/

“FORMER WEST VIRGINIA State Sen. Richard Ojeda ended his long-shot presidential bid on Friday. A leader of the state’s teachers strikes last year, Ojeda concluded that the campaign ultimately wasn’t winnable and told his supporters that he could no longer ask people to contribute money to a cause he thought was lost.

‘I don’t want to see people send money to a campaign that’s probably not going to get off the ground,’ he said in a video he recorded and provided to The Intercept and The Young Turks.

Hints that he was picking up momentum were strong, he said in an accompanying statement, but not strong enough. ‘The indications were very positive from an overwhelming response to our videos, to thousands of volunteers, and a level of grassroots fundraising support that grew every day. However, the last thing I want to do is accept money from people who are struggling for a campaign that does not have the ability to compete,’ he said.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomi Prins, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Nomi Prins, John Iadarola


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  1. Dang it, Ojeda. We need you out here in Trumpland. Badly.

  2. Smh "I'll give you the facts in the members only section" is this a YouTube news channel or an advertisement for TYT membetship?

  3. He should run for Governor for West Virginia!

  4. I do appreciate that you NEED a paywall to operate and that you need to talk up the material behind the paywall, but an article stops being proper news when you say that the facts you're putting behind the paywall are "important" to the story!
    I assume it's just a funny detail that enhances the story, and that it isn't actually "important," but if it was an important detail, being too poor to afford membership, I'd never know.
    Is he now planning a coup composed entirely of mimes? Did he actually drop out because of the squirrel mafia?

  5. Ojeda shot a vertical video. He's not smart enough to be POTUS- even an idiot like Drumpf knows to not shoot a vertical video!

  6. The first thing that the next Democrat needs to do is put O'Jeda to work in their cabinet. Or even possibly make him Vice President. Camala Harris are you listening??????

  7. And after Cenk wore out multiple sets of knee pads polishing Ojeda’s knob. LOL!

  8. We need public financing and an equal playing field for each candidate. Even need a spending cap, too. No one should win just because they can buy more air time and litter our lands with more signage.

  9. Call Bernie and connect these two, please! Love Ojeda and pray that he stays on the leadership stage somehow. We need his voice and ideas.

  10. Wealthy = not actual human beings? I see.

  11. You have reported on Venezuela totally wrong btw

  12. I kinda called it. Love Ojeda to bits, but he should not have run for President. He needs to have made a bigger impact on the national stage and then run.

  13. Any chance you can interview Andrew yang?

  14. I just wish he could have been in the debates and call out anyones bs. Hes got no filter on issues like that.

  15. A voice is great, but I’m glad he’s dropped out.

  16. Berine didnt have wealth or name recognition. The message matters

  17. I hope The Koch Brothers or some other oligarch didn't get to him and talk him back over to the Dark Side. The Teabaggers are gonna need a new, realistic populist hero post-Dump, and he could pull it off….

  18. OL. never mind. I never trusted this populist buffoon.

  19. That's not %100 true ! Look how Hillary owned the media and much more then Trump , she was getting funds from everywhere like Saudi Arabia and so on " and she lost ? I would say that her being corrupt didn't help though.

  20. In some way this isn't a bad thing. If to many populist-left are in the ring it is far more likely a corporate democrat will win because the populist-left candidates will split the progressive vote.

  21. If he got just some more traction, i think he could win.

  22. Bernie needs to hire him for something.

  23. Go stump for Bernie. He needs a fighter on his side.

  24. Too bad he resigned his state Senate seat just a few weeks ago.

  25. Just my opinion. Richard grow your Social Media presence. Run for Congress again. Get on these political websites, radio shows and YouTube channels. Support the Progressive rising stars and get on their radar. Your time WILL come.

  26. Its more like the US is so corrupt now only the rich and powerful rule, move over Mexico USA is catching up to you in corruption. Soon Mexico will want a wall to keep Americans out.

  27. Ojeda should run as Bernie's VP!!!! He's a great candidate and wish he was running but if not hopefully Bernie and him can run together. What do u guys think? I think they'd be unstoppable together. 🙂

  28. I think it was the right decision. West Virginia needs him where he is.

  29. Ladies & gentleman, we got him ;p

  30. Welp, there goes the one 2020 democrat I really liked. I cant blame him for dropping out though, especially since the mainstream media refused to cover him.

  31. I really wanted to watch him perform on the debate stage 🙁

  32. Keep building up your brand win a Senate seat or a house seat

  33. Isn't this the guy that dropped out of the race because he didn't have enough "white privilege".

  34. He should give congress another shot

  35. He's right, he had no chance and would have drained money from better situated candidates. Kudos to him for putting his ego aside and doing the right thing.

  36. He should def stay in politics. I can see him running for president again, as he should.

  37. I really like Ojeda, but was surprised with his presidential bid after being elected for the first time. He can do A LOT on the local level in WV that can get attention to issues on a national level. Look at Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and the differences they've made with consumer rights and minimum wage issues. No one knew who AOC was and now everyone is speaking her name as she brings awareness to progressive issues on a national level. They don't have big donors.

    If Ojeda really cares about his message, which I feel he does, he can bring progressive values to this conservative part of the country while gaining attention on a national level. He can really make a difference.

  38. He voted for Trump. He shouldn't be elected for anything.

  39. Richard Ojeda dropping out?? I can’t accept that!

  40. Such a sad News Ojeda, this is really heart breaking, Ojeda's heart was right where an honest politician's heart should be, he was with the people, extremely honest and straightforward, very very sad news, i am not disappointed at him, i understand his motives but this is really sad.

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