Ricky Ponting's plan for success against Kiwi Kane Williamson

Test legend Ricky Ponting explains why New Zealand captain Kane Williamson is regarded as one of the best Test batsmen in the world and gives his verdict on how Australia can stop the run machine


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  1. 🙏👑தலைவா💝 🙏

  2. I love Williamson.wonderful batsman

  3. Best of luck Williamson love you

  4. Kane vs Cummins
    Steve vs Boult/Wagner.

  5. Short midwicket field with 3 slips and gully, short leg.
    Keep shuffling between full pitch deliveries on middle and leg; and good length around 3rd and 4th stump

  6. Return of Maxwell -iam waiting😎😎😎

  7. love you love you kane💖💖

  8. Steve unstoppable Smith ka Samna Sab 0

  9. Indians After World Cup Semi Final — NZ should loose final
    After Final— Cup Has to Be shared!!!!!

  10. Smith vs Williamson
    Starc vs Boult
    Who is waiting for Nz vs Aus?
    If you are with nz like
    If you are with aus comment

  11. Williamson is good but I think Ross taylor would be the main man for them against Australia very underrated 😒😒

  12. ബുദ്ധി കൊള്ളാം Ponting സർ e! പക്ഷെ! തന്റെ തന്ത അല്ല അവന്റെ തന്ത! 😂

  13. Australian cricket team – "zor zor se bol ke sab ko scheme bata de"

  14. One of the biggest mistake New Zealand did during that series in 2015 was to bench Neil Wagner, I hope they won't repeat that mistake and that doesn't look like happening looking into the way he has played the game in the last 4-5 years. Such a braveheart of a bowler.

  15. Kane williamson dose not deserve world cup. World cup deserve kane williamson.

  16. Mark my words this is new Zealand new era under Kane Williamson they will be the best in next 8 years.
    I think they will win the series in Australia.

  17. Pillar of newzeland team Williamson & Taylor..

  18. Ricky Ponting one of the great player in the history of cricket

  19. Something tells me NZ are gonna be Aussies' bogey team for the next few years..

  20. Har Har mahadev…..Jai Mata di……🕉️🕉️🕉️🕉️🕉️……..🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼…….

  21. Aussie vs kiwi battle will be a treat to watch unlike the series vs Pakistan which was an absolute one sided.

  22. Can't stop a legend . perfection Kane Williamson

  23. Ricky, Smith has a lot of haters around the world but Kane is loved everywhere and anywhere. He deserved a World Cup more than anybody else as he is the nicest guy and person in Cricket. I love watching him bat. The type of cricketer nobody should hate or dislike.

  24. My fav ROHIT Smith and Williamson….Best in the WORLD 🙏🥰🥰

  25. Never forget
    Who hit 290 I guess in his latest test series vs aus in Australia
    He is also in a tremendous form lately

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