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Right-Wing Zealot Says THIS Will Stop Mass Shootings

Right-Wing Zealot Says THIS Will Stop Mass Shootings

Tony Perkins is a complete moron. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

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Fox News Guest Blames Mass Shootings on Teaching Evolution: ‘We’ve Taught Our Kids They Come About by Chance’

“A Fox News guest on Sunday blamed the recent slew of mass shootings on the absence of religion from the America’s public discourse, specifically mentioning children being taught the theory of evolution as contributing to the epidemic of gun violence.

Tony Perkins, a former police officer and the president of the Family Research Council, a Christian conservative policy and lobbying organization, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the Saturday mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, where a 36-year-old man with an AR-15-style rifle went on a shooting spree that left at least seven people dead and more than 21 people injured.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. To bring much needed focus to the pivotal issue of climate change, TYT is raising funds to host a Climate Change Town Hall. http://tyt.com/townhall

  2. It's not an absence of God or morality. It's an excess of entitlement and lack of empathy, and perhaps an ease of access to weapons

  3. Sheesh so this how you really feel about religious people I get what you was saying but you bashed the shit out of religion and religious people and made jokes and got way off topic it’s about the guns and the crooked not cause some of people believe in “ sky people “

  4. False prophets for profit. Ignorant scum like this need to be tared and feathered then feed to the hyenas. Evil-lution is what republicommie traitors been preaching .these right wing terrorist world wide need to be eradicated. Whether it's isis, Tories Taliban or the talibangelist.

  5. And yet White Supremacists are Taught Conservative and Christian ideology.
    Those "evil black" have LESS atheists then white people.

  6. If we tell the kids they come from storks and or cabbage patches.

  7. What a bunch of malarkey. The main reasons for gun violence in the USA is: 1) Single Black women who don't play records to their kids. 2) Socialism.

  8. It is very possiable to have morality without Religion. It's never easy, you must establish good values. Dial your moral compass to true north, and follow that compass. Pointing a finger and saying it's this, or its that. If you have lived for more than 12-13 years, you know what is right and what is wrong. Let's not spin the gun narratives. I'm saying lets take the first step. Then wait, and watch if something bad happens then it will be time to discuss the next step. Let's not slip our thumbs up in assess, and then hope the problems go away. Also let's not blame God.

  9. Really Cenk, how do you truly feel??

  10. We dont need religion for morality. Otherwise we wouldnt have rapists and pedophiles hiding in the name of God

  11. Good point! There is no greater proof for the immorality of religion in America today than the religious support of Trump.

  12. hell i thought it was violent video games

  13. What TYT ignores is the fact that Democrat policies make school violence possible. It’s one thing to say doing X will stop Y…. quite another to ignore X being the cause of Y.

  14. Driving religious expression from the public square.

    Hold my beer, I’ll drive.

  15. Cenk, can't you just go the respectful way of debunking the right-wing approach to the religion rather than incorporating commentary about how being religious is inherently stupid? Being spiritual or religious holds a lot of benefit for a lot of people. As a culture, we're not able to access those benefits if we're convinced that the whole thing is idiotic. I know you probably think the world would be better off without any religion, but that's not true for me or for many people I know. And we're progressives. You can be progressive and religious at the same time. The messages align very well, as you seem to know. So why not just embrace that link? Maybe you could flip a few Republican Christians if you went about the criticism more respectfully, because sorry, your outrage at the stupidity of sky-gods is usually not enough to break peoples' faith.

  16. Someones faith had nothing to do with this Donald trump and these so called conservatives are pieces of shit period.

  17. We dont need more religion, we need more spirituality.

  18. Its more peaceful in the world today than anytime in human history. More religious times were more violent. Period.

  19. Someone having different political views doesn’t make them a bad person

  20. Agreed, but just to be clear science is not capable of proving that a Creator does not exist. The scientific method cannot disprove something through the lack of evidence.

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