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Rihanna Reacts To Beyonce Diss

Rihanna reacts to Beyonce diss during Vogue Interview. Plus – Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne lip sync to Riri’s “Work”.

Starring Chloe Melas

Produced By @yasminmohaideen
Directed By @ginoorlandini

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  1. Ariana Grande is just a bitch.

  2. Ariana just mad because Rihanna laughed at one her performances.

  3. When I was younger I got Rihanna confused with Beyonce.

  4. It is pronounced ‘Queen bee’ You clearly did no research.

  5. The media always try to get shit stirred up

  6. its bey dammit not bay lmao

  7. Rihanna is jealous over beyonce. And she pretend that she doesn’t.

  8. Bruh rihanna can be beyonce teacher so ofc beyonce wasn't gonna say shit the only thing she can do is sing and dance and rihanna can sing dance act and has her own make up clothing and shoe company with high education so beyonce please..sit your overrated ass down

  9. Ok Rihanna the high road acknowledged, but that’s what fans do, because hello look at the names Rihanna and Beyoncè. Both people I have on my fan list since ‘99 and ‘05 not just a moment to pit names against

  10. the best part of this is that young women are literally have their souls stolen by this shit.

  11. Ariana acts shy but she’s just rude

  12. I honestly agree with Ariana. I’m an islander/hispanic, but that song had no substance

  13. Bad girl Riri sucking camel dick.

  14. what type of bum bitch slams riri

  15. The fact that someone said Rihanna owes her career to Jay Z and Beyoncé is laughable she could have signed to any label everyone no’s that so I guess Jay Z owes his career to Damon Dash not real talent Rihanna is only 29 and has already surpassed Beyoncé in six years when she’s 35 she’ll probably be a billionaire with all the things she has going on and she did it alone without a husband give her real props instead of giving her props to someone else

  16. That song work is garbage! They are using her caribean accent as the only thing she has. She sounds lazy

  17. I wish she would stop calling her Bae instead on Bey (bee) lol

  18. Everybody has been accused of allegedly having feuds with Beyoncé – or losing careers due to feuds with her.  Enough already.  Beyoncé is nobody to compete with.  If it wasn't for Jay-Z she wouldn't still have her popularity.  He helped her find her black girl magic.  As far as I'm concerned, all he did was try to turn her into Rhianna.  Listen to some of her lyrics.  Rhianna all day.

  19. "Queen bay".. it's Bey. Pronounce it like "bee".

  20. Work and Formation both suck.

  21. RIHRIH HAS ALWAYS BEEN BETTER THAN QUEEN B. Sorry not sorry. And Ariana grande has the body of a twelve year old Asian boy she needs to stop.

  22. Arianna didn't realize how fucking retarded she looked doing that😂

  23. Y'all need to understand that Caribbean islands that speak English also speaks broken English and they sound alike so it doesn't matter which one its still broken English and its still from the Caribbean y'all stfu

  24. Specially kandoll or how ever the fuck u spell it

  25. Ariana is just mad that riri ignores her b.s and does her thing not caring the opinions and Ariana always has beef with someone she shouldn't be talking with her dumb little girl voice and she can't sing her voice is to low and she tries to pretend someone she isn't all of a sudden she decided to sing she should be the least one to say she can't understand because nobody even liked her due to the fact she's so annoying

  26. Ariana got no room to talk.

  27. Aaliyah is the forever Queen, because A comes before B 😉

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