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Rihanna Reacts To Playing Poison Ivy & Cardi B Steals The Show At Diamond Ball

Rihanna Reacts To Playing Poison Ivy & Cardi B Steals The Show At Diamond Ball

Rihanna reacts to reports she is playing Poison Ivy in the next Batman film. Plus, Cardi B steals the show at Diamond Ball.
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Holy smokes, Cardi B! The Hustlers star, 26, made jaws drop to the floor when she made her grand appearance at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball on Sept. 12. Cardi looked incredible in a strapless, light pink, multi-layered organza gown designed by it-fashioner designer Georges Hobeika as she confidently took the carpet, undoubtedly drawing all eyes to her. The voluminous dress actually showed off Cardi’s tiny waist, as it’s cinched in the middle and is adorned with a beautiful crystal and jewel-like detailing. Cardi showed off the dress’ beautiful train as she posed for photographers, and looked like she stepped right out of a fairy tale and straight onto the Diamond Ball carpet!

Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/08/27/lizzo-rihanna-nsfw-dm-message-mtv-vmas-performance-collab/

Shot by Lisa Braun @BraunLA

Music & Photos provided by Shutterstock

Footage provided by Celebrity Footage


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Rihanna Reacts To Playing Poison Ivy & Cardi B Steals The Show At Diamond Ball

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  2. #Mob #radio on YouTube said the Same thing you did. #MOB #Radio on YouTube

  3. Khalid nobody gives a fuck about your son you fat greaseball

  4. Ya even in this show cadi did the same thing Click & watch wat rehana said https://youtu.be/RxzKmM0PFGo

  5. Cardi did NOT steal the show. Period. She looked good BUT, the look is a repeated look. How many times is it Cardi B has worn this type of look? It's like JLO's same Dress different color and slightly different take. The top of Cardi's gown was a style worn by Rihanna on a past Red Carpet and Rihanna already did the Ball Gown fluffy Princess look and slew it long before Cardi B. Rihanna was the true Star of HER Own Ball with the new take on the Classic Black Formal look. It was #Breathtaking #Gorgeous #HerFace #Hair #Makeup #Shoes #Jewellery in the quote from Rihanna herself: "Impeccable" LOL! The only ones saying she stole the show is Hollywood Life but then again you seem biased where Cardi B is concerned, anything to stay in her favor.

  6. You reaching cardi didn't steal the show

  7. 💎 Cardi looked really good the first time she went to Rihanna's Ball too!…💎 📍*(Everybody looked good!)😎👍🏼

  8. May God grant you the indistinguishable courage to stand against evil that stands Hollywood and all against you who said that that oved you taking against you

  9. Anyone that switch up soon as someone new come around was never real in the first place. They all fake as fuck

  10. What happened to Rihanna's accent?

  11. Ok na Black love so in is wavy baby!!!!

  12. She steal the clown spot at that ball..PERIOD!She looks like a clown, dress like a clown, speak like a clown..BYE

  13. She never just says something nice.. she's a typical narcissist self obsessed whore… Why was she even there?

  14. Cardi didn't have the best dress. Cardi dress look like if she wore it before.

  15. I can see the pregnancy in her nose!!!! It’s real!!!!

  16. I wanna know how y’all keep posting every 2 hours

  17. They made more noise for Cardi than anyone else rihanna face didn't like that nor the one before Cardi u can see it in they're face reactions…🤣

  18. That's how they does act among celbs lmao 😅😂😂 I might do the same idk lol

  19. Cardi looked amazing. That dress is everything! I just can't believe that in three years ago, she was living in bad conditions, and here she is now donating $110,000 for the cause. I'm just so proud of her. I believe she is blessed and highly favored for a reason. Cardi genuinely has a big heart. #Binderella I also admire Rhianna so much. She is a leader, a strong woman, a humanitarian. She is an inspiration to us women. May God bless them both.👸🏽👸🏽 💝💞💟❣️💝💞💟❣️

  20. "I'm a black woman who came from a black woman who came from a black woman and I'm gonna give birth to a black woman." ~ Rhianna

  21. She said “I’m going to give birth to a black women” and she looked pregnant 🤰 on stage 🤔

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