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Rihanna Slams Cardi B’s New Look VIDEO | Hollywoodlife

Rihanna Slams Cardi B's New Look VIDEO | Hollywoodlife

Rihanna calls Cardi B’s fashion choice ‘ghetto’. Plus – Cardi reveals why she cancelled a photoshoot for Kulture big reveal.
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Cardi B, 25, suggested Nicki Minaj’s fan base may not be so loyal! She called out the “Barbie Dreams” rapper’s fans, nicknamed “The Barbz,” for partly being the reason she was forced to drop her new single “Money” two days early. But Cardi took it as a compliment. “I think it got leaked because sometimes you send your records early to these streaming or these music platforms, somebody from they building leak it and everything,” she explained during an Instagram Live session on Oct. 23, the same day her single came out. “We tried to retract it, but you know the Barbz—they always posting me, they always post everything I do. They claim they hate me but they really love me because they be on my page before my fans.”

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Starring Ali Stagnitta @alistagnitta

Written & Edited By Lisa Braun @BraunLA

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Rihanna Slams Cardi B Look As ‘Ghetto’ VIDEO | Hollywoodlife


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  1. Sometimes you just have to WATCH what you say.

    Everyone leaves the chat

  2. rhianna and that huge forehead needs to go .Cardi b is so beautiful is all

  3. Riri doesn't have time for this.

  4. Right. If i hate someone i dont be all up in they shit. Jealousy is not cute Barbs

  5. I like them both…sexy mothaf's. Eat dis pepino though😜

  6. Just her opinion. Plu she got nicki

  7. how is she going to call that ghetto she thinks someone is going to go to the hood wearing real gold gloves

  8. Rihanna is a hater she is jealous too

  9. Rihana need to stop hating on cardi b

  10. why can’t y’all stop talking about her

  11. Rhianna how tf can you call someone else ghetto when u was born on island in barbados. While u let all them mfs run a train on u get famous. Witchu hoe ass bitch dont even forget where u came from.

  12. Cardi Fan's all so talk about Nicki so stop stressing and blaming Nicki cardi B

  13. yall need to stop with these clickbait titles.

  14. If cardi proves to be a real mother she should stop being naked on her music videos….did yalls see her MONEY video….shes completely naked then you call that being a good mother….what will Kulture think when she sees that when she grows up….Lemme tell you what shell think, her moms a whore

  15. Man. Cardi aint shit and she know that. She aint no competition to anybody. He'll she suck assss. Don't nobody like that bitch. Fuck her. Fuck you cardi. Get the fuck out.

  16. Can't wait till she gets beat up by Chris brown

  17. Rihanna and Cardi b is cool with each other

  18. Am I the only who is a barb and a bardi fan

  19. Nikki….

    Spreading Rumors? Well at least your spreading something other than your legs


  20. You need to stop or I call the911

  21. You need to stop or I call the911

  22. RIRI really you my favorite singer please don't come for my favorite rapper

  23. Bardi brbrbrbi hot tamali🤣👏

  24. Okaaaaay y'all, I feel that I love CardiB. But she have came close to making me feel like, she was doing to MUCH!!! Libras🤦🏾… Y'all are nerve wrecking!💯. Nicki… Should I say bully! And she needs to stop. She sees competition, and is just going at Cardi. It's so freaking sad because I believe Cardi looked up to Nicki🤷🏾. So she definitely needs to stop bitching about her. She's only 25, and this bitch is like what 36… Sit yo old ass down🤣😂 compared to her. You should be accepting to her cus she's the shit n brand new. She would have so MUCH LOVE from her fans… Hey, even I'd begin to like Nikki again🤷🏾. Besides they'll make so much money getting along making music together with some bomb ass songs!!!!💯⚡️💣💥🔥🏆🎼🎵🎶🎙️💯💸💸💸💸

  25. riri "this is the most ghetto shit" mean while she got a ratchet jail neck tat. i dont get how ppl can be so fake

  26. Rihanna is just saying that because she doesn't like cardi b

  27. Don't act has if Bardi don't do the same

  28. well rhiannas GHETTO AS SHIT,bahahahahahahah

  29. I hate this video 🙄… rihanna said that long ago not knowing cardi will wear that.
    So shut up and stop spreading stupid news

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