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Risk Takers: Challenging Everest | Nat Geo Live

Risk Takers: Challenging Everest | Nat Geo Live

After seven successful Mount Everest summits, climber Peter Athans, aka Mr. Everest, still seeks out rigorous emotional, mental, and physical adventures in his lifelong quest to never stop challenging himself.
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Risk Takers: Challenging Everest | Nat Geo Live

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  1. You come to into this life to praise and worship the Almighty as this is life is a transit to the life hereafter.

  2. How many Sherpas have to pass away for some rich peoples dreams??? Its getting out of control. Let them carry it all and set the route is not that of a challenge.

  3. great video sir iam from 🇳🇵 nepal

  4. Sherpas are the real heroes.

  5. Soo, you are.. I gave up listening you did!

  6. what a fucking father. jesus christ. father of the year.

  7. Wow! Its great to be a kid to be able to experience that.

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