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RNC Chairwoman pushes back on Pelosi's mail-in voting push

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel discusses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s push for mail-in voting amid coronavirus and the Kentucky and Georgia Senate races. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Ohh so rather then just run a bill re the elections she's going to hold the relief bill hostage and delaying money to Americans just to try and force the issue.
    Anyone that think's the Democrats care about you, and plans to Vote Blue is nothing more than a Brainwashed Delusional Fool 🙄✌️

  2. We the people will not accept mail in ballots. We being the democrats employer will postpone the election until the virus is under control

  3. Some people should just die already

  4. She Want to cheat her and Hillary Clinton they just wanted Cheat they American people and to continue to be an office in Hillary Clinton does not wanna go to jail so I pray to God president trump Does what is good for the American people And mail in votes would not be good for the American people It would be good for the dems we the people will figure it out do not give in to her

  5. The party that lost 33,000 emails is the same party that wants mail in voting????? Hmmmmm

  6. The commercials are way too long. I have to stop watching YouTube.

  7. It's so obvious the DemocRats wants to Cheat.
    A lot of people are saying that's why
    HiIlary won California's popular vote.

  8. UK, Dear Me, the Democrats they get worse by the day!

  9. We had some very 'helpful' Democrat political volunteers come to New Zealand to help our labour party in the last election.

  10. She wants to freely distribute Obama phones so the recipients can vote by phone. Nancy will kick America when she is down. Joe Biden is going senile. No matter that he can still smile and has his hair. He mentally is just going senile..I've seen old people. I've seen senile. Unfortunately Joe is not sharp mentally. Nancy knows this. Joe won't Make it. I wonder who the dnc has up their sleeve

  11. The one thing that communist countries have in common is that they make electoral reforms in order to get and remain in power; just like the Democrats are trying to do now.

  12. No way we should have mail in votes. The Democrats know they can get away with all kinds of fraud if this happens. No voter ID no voting.

  13. At this point voting democrat is a crime

  14. They lost the election, try to impeach to remove the president and now this. How about doing your job and earn the right to be voted in to run the country.

  15. VOTER ID. Evil communists bastards deserve to be shot

  16. She needs to be shot in the face

  17. Nancy got new top teeth these new teeth doesn’t fall off when she speaks

  18. poliseeee for preiadebt!

  19. i lik 2 take ashit in san franisco! nature needs dollars. card bord card has uses. crayons flowers are rducation.

  20. Let's get through this pandemic first. Then we can return to dirty politics.

  21. I stood in line to vote and someone had used my name. I showed my id and was allowed to vote. The other ballot had already been cast… In California, many people have id that are not supposed to vote, but some say they vote regardless because they can.

  22. Just another opportunity for the typical Democrat voting shenanigans.

  23. The only reason most Democrats even got elected was by controlling 3rd party ballot pick up

  24. Trusting a democrat not to cheat is like inviting Jeffery Dahmer to a brunch with your kids.

  25. We know Democrats cheat if they didn't Obama would of never been re elected. Sorry a job as he did in his first term.

  26. Get elected then change the rules – that’s democracy. Otherwise shut your trap.

  27. Eeew…the radical loose cobs.

  28. The Dems are so dirty!! Pelosi wants the President to lose. Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff all have to go. You are traitors!! By the way , God is in control, not you. You WILL have to answer someday.


  30. Harvesting votes is voter fraud

  31. I've said this for years. The focus of these Dems in leadership roles is one thing – THEIR EGO! They don't give one care to the people of this country, and they will always make it about themselves. They can't take accountability for any of their failures, and instead of owning it and learning from it, they double down and attack again. What an abysmal display of immaturity.

  32. Come on people. Isn't there anyone Left of Center who can take down the Speaker before she sells the Democrat Party to the Marxists? Maybe she and RBG can retire together to spend their last days thinking what might have been if Hillary was never born….or maybe Obama.

  33. Vulnerable to fraud -very vulnerable to fraud!! Who needs Russians to interfere with an election!!!! Pelosi is a nutjob.

  34. It’s also shameful that we can almost predict who will win a race by who raises the most money! WTF! Soros buys so many district attorneys, federal judges, you name it. Who can out-bid George Soros? That’s horrifying.

  35. The DemoKKKratic Party's Motto: If you can't beat him……CHEAT.

  36. WOW the ratchet republicans are trying everything to dilute the Democratic vote. Shame they can't complete honestly. Cheaters!

  37. Recall her crazy rear end

  38. I found out (from the lefties on NPR) today that several states already do mostly mail-in voting! That is a BIG problem. POTUS is right – we need to vote in person with proper identification. They repeated that POTUS said that the more people that voted the less chance Republicans could win. They said that’s why he was against mail-in voting, because it would help more people to vote and then he would lose. I WAS SO PISSED I HAD TO TURN OFF THE RADIO! The way they SPIN things is disgusting and pathetic.

  39. The woman is a Jesuit, what else do you expect?


  41. Seven months out and she’s pushing for mail in voting ???? Nancy is plotting…
    Pelosi should be hung !!!

  42. Every time I hear Nancy Pelosis name I think of the tipping the bottle motion people use to show when an alcoholic is in the room talking about stupid crap.

  43. I say it is unconstitutional to have in mail in ballot/ w no id not happening

  44. Just another way for democrats to cheat !!! Sick of it !!

  45. We knew this was coming.
    “We will remove Trump from office, whatever it takes.” – Nancy Pelosi

  46. i don't like this idea that 1.5 million more people are voting in California–than are actually in California. That's called fraud.

  47. Liberals want people to use mail-in voting because millions of Americans are brainwashed and if people vote early they will not be able to pay attention to what will be happening politically up to election day. If some wise up to what is going on it would be too late for them to retract their vote.

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