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Ro Khanna On Stopping War With Iran

Ro Khanna On Stopping War With Iran

Ro Khanna and other politicians are fighting to stop Trump from going to war with Iran. Cenk Uygur and Ro Khanna, hosts of The Conversation, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ro Khanna

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ro Khanna


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  1. We need more Ro Khanna's in the house and senate.

  2. We continue to assert that Progressives stating they'll support Biden or whoever's Trump's opponent at this point is a Big Mistake! Why?! Obviously they won't support Donald so it's unnecessary to say it now… WE don't hear any Corp-Centrist-DEM saying they'll support a Progressive-Dem if nominated. Suggesting we might withhold support if not a progressive, might be threatening enough to force DNC to be fair and allow progressive to win; otherwise why would DNC not force another hillary on us..? Our leaders, Ro, Bernie, etc.. have already endorsed a DNC candidate if we lose primaries… We Do NOt Get It!!! Bernie stumped for hillary 2016, how'd that work out??

  3. How about some Defense budget Hearings?? Shift military portion of pie to society; no need for new taxes, Feds collect enough to pay for all Social programs, just mis-spent on WAR

  4. We should spend utmost effort on capturing the Senate! It should be emphasized daily..!!!

  5. If the US was not a corporate controlled state then war against Iran would never happen. Also the mainstream media would inform us of the facts if they weren't controlled by corporate interests.

  6. Wow I never knew Ron Paul was Rand Paul's father. The clues were all right there in front of me though…😂

  7. Pardon me for spamming this request…
    Please call your congressional representative and both your senators ASAP, tell them you don't want war with Iran.
    It's something low-effort on your part, it might actually help.

  8. We aren’t at war with Iran. Dems wish we were. That’s why John Kerry vacays there.

  9. How is it North Korea and Russia are terrible to TYT, but the anti-human rights Conservative, pro-Russian right wing regime of Iran are fantastic.

  10. How dumb do you have to be to actualy support a WWIII because this could be it? When the nukes start flying we will be all victims of it….food for brain dumbuc*s!

  11. Everything should be voted on. No 2 people should have this amount of power what gets thru and not

  12. Pretty strong criticism of house democrats from Ro. I think he’s the best elected progressive imo. He says he doesn’t think the house would even pass joe Biden’s climate change bill rn. That’s crazy. Remember that progressives, we need to be strategic. We don’t have the strength of public opinion even close to translated into elected representation.

  13. Ro Khanna for speaker of the house!!

  14. 5:32 "do you trust the Trump administration and the pentagon story that they are certain…."
    the history behind these two entities would make me go in the opposite direction of "trust"
    "skeptical" is the word Ro should've used, but i get why he didn't

  15. wtf he calls himself Ro when his real name 'Rohit' is simple as fk?

  16. Can we get Ro Khanna for Speaker of the House? AOC is on track to be the youngest president ever, so we won't have her in Congress for long, but we still need strong progressive leadership in the House in order to get AOC's agenda accomplished when she is in the White House. Ro Khanna would be perfect for the job. He gets things done and he is a consistent advocate for the progressive agenda. Ro for Speaker!

  17. Bernie will beat DJT. Biden is status quo Hillary Redux. The 99% desperately need and want REAL change.

  18. Joe should say, "I want to smell young women's hair. "

  19. Oh yeah.
    The Pledge.
    I'm down but unless you make me a candidate I can't justify my time doing so.
    Strictly because I have way too much to do and no health insurance.
    In short, I have to have time to self rehabilitate every week.
    Also why I still don't have a fishing license.
    Impeach the Orangutan anyway.

  20. Let's get a progressive in the Senate in Ro's district.

  21. just a observation , win you look at most progressive people in politics. Bernie ro Khanna aoc ohmar talib tulsi and the rest. some of their names are hard to spell lol. notice only 1 white person Bernie, the rest are people of color and mostly women! Bernie is my choice, being white has nothing to do with it. do not count warren in this group anymore, disagree with me if want!

  22. somehow first time ever I've seen ro in person. likeable guy

  23. That is how an interview is done…great job Cenk and TYT

  24. Enacting Fatwas to have people killed over 2000 kilometers from Iran’s border like the one against Salman Rushdie, that has led to the deaths of dozens of people worldwide, and has recently had its bounty raised is international terrorism is not staying out of other countries regions or business.

  25. The winning exhibit in the second international Cartoon Comedy Jewish holocaust mockery competition in 2016 was for a picture of a cashiers till, which had the Auschwitz building on top of the till, the star of David and many other symbols relating to Judaism on the till, and the till was cashed up at $6.000.000 million.

  26. Muslims keep defending Iran because it’s their alamo

  27. Where are the TYT merchandise made, in the US?

  28. And, of course, an anti-war clip is automatically demonetized.

  29. i would sign the Pledge from Australia ,yet from Australia means 3 ,fifths of five eights of fuk all , (although USA is looking at new Base in Northern Territory) , all will be denied contractors say , I may have some 'Govt' work soon ,

  30. America desperately needs Bernie Sanders to win. Unfortunately, not enough people are informed enough to realize this.

  31. Decent people don't dog whistle with a microphone.

  32. This man is a hero

    Edit: 24:46 hahaha Ro throwing shade at russiagaters which ironically Cenk is a huge part of

  33. Let me get this straight; Republican voters don't want to spend money on senseless wars, yet they back their government to spend insane (more that the next 8 highest defense spending countries combined) amounts of money on war machines, so they can attack (unjustly) other countries and place military bases all over the world. That actually instills fear and only causes an arms race (which costs/wastes even more money) and creates more distrust and more enemies. I guess it makes sense, because Republicans aren't know for sound logic and reasoning. Republicans really are their own worst enemies. They are just to ignorant to realize it. Their logic doesn't add up.

  34. If Bernie doesn't get the nomination I'm not voting at all.

  35. Glad finally found this…couldn’t find it anywhere in the app.

  36. To just explained why it is so important to vote every single corporate democrat out of office, as it only takes one of them to stop progressive ideas even being put up for a vote, never mind trying to get enough votes to pass them. Justice Democrats have to work towards primarying every one of them

  37. Ro says why become a lobbyist? Why take corporate money? Paint it in any color and it's still bribery.

  38. Rep.Khanna is awesome! CA plz vote for him again and again!

  39. It makes me happy and hopeful to see new honest politicians like Ro Khanna! Restoring hope in America!!!

  40. Jenk has a dishonest face. Like a car sales man or lawyer.


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