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Rob Kardashian Calls Blac Chyna 'Psycho' After Attacking Him – VIDEO

Rob Kardashian Calls Blac Chyna 'Psycho' After Attacking Him - VIDEO

Rob Kardashian calls Blac Chyna a crazy psycho for scratching him up. Plus – Rob deleted Blac off his social media.

Starring Emily Longeretta

Produced by @ginoorlandini

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  1. why do men tolerate any kind of abuse from any woman? i have zero tolerance for any woman who screams,nags or puts her hands on me. men need to stop being simps and go mgtow. women are only good for sex object. men need to stop marrying and living with women.

  2. he been calling his sister's hoes for years and white media ignores it. he calls her psycho and white media eats it up. like…? tf.

  3. in the beginning he tried to annoying his sister . Now he is in a complet hole lol he wished he had simple …

  4. Why so many of yall excusing her potentially seriously putting hands on him because she pregnant? No matter the situation keep hands to self, thats called self control. But to me looks like they playing.

  5. Chyna really want to be white smh

  6. Omg ppl be twisting situations ..I though they were playing and shit.. Some racist ppl down in the comment .

  7. She's kind of smiling at the end of the snap tho

  8. All Yall Be Quiet.. Yall Forgot That She Pregnant…. Hellooooooo!!!!?!? Mood Swings? Thats all that was. Chyna had a mood swing got mad n Rob Got pissed off. When i was pregnant my husband barely slept in our bed room the last 2months. Cuz of my mood swings.

  9. Rob will learn but it's too late now with the baby on the way.

  10. sooo many haters on blac chyna like fucl off sheesh & she still got doee I loved that bitch since forevaa & she been had bank people act like she need rob . like tf she has so much . y'all just really want to hate on her so bad 😂😂😂 shes pretty asf and a great buisness woman and thick asf . her personality is great .

  11. many many blacks are crazy as fuck when they get mad!

  12. First of all it doesn't even make sense first is was over some "random text" now this come on now if they were really broken up they would have said it stop saying she is abusive couples fight all the time maybe they were play fighting you people don't know so stop feeding into stuff when you don't know shit

  13. El problema de Rob ha sido el abandono familiar, su madre Kris Jenner pasa de él, no le ha ayudado en nada en su depresión. Deberían estar tras él para poder ayudarle, tiene que perder peso y tiene que mentalizarse en cambiar positivamente. Y echarse otra novia, esa es horrible.

  14. i think shell hit him or she has done off cam…like shes using his weight depression to weaken him behind scenes. But she wants to rukle him. Yeah rob needs to leave , he said it him self. Crazy ass psycho bitch.

  15. You are an idiot Rob for thinking you can make Blac Chya to an housewife or even a girlfriend on your level, she did`t have the same environment growing up as u had you fool.

  16. well she is pregnant 'emotional and short temper' men just need to understand so they wont get hurt hahaha

  17. OMG, you deleted her from your instagram… That'll teach her!

  18. she need to keep her hands off of Rob if he hit her ass back he would go to jail

  19. the name chyna does kind of sound psychotic

  20. I don't understand how people can waste there time with useless people like them…I mean really they are both retarded especially rob..just listening to him say…RETARDO!

  21. People can argue all the time

  22. Pregnant or not, she shouldnt be putting her hands on him. Red flags for a toxic relationship. Ijs

  23. she's pregnant. pregnancy hormones mood swings and such……there together funny how you can say they broke up when in reality they a had a fight and theyll be back together.

  24. ughh yall bitches and reporters are so dumb ..they are like any other fucking couple who argues ..play fight and stop talking that doesnt mean they are not together anymore wtf

  25. Pregnancy hormones she'll be alright

  26. They were probs playing. And it has been confirmed they haven't broken up.

  27. That poor child coming in this world with parents like that God help it

  28. You guys exaggerate too much omg

  29. what does he see in her anyway ?

  30. This is obviously for the show. it has Kris written all over it.

  31. They aren't gonna last lmao

  32. That wasn't even the vid
    Wtf click bait much

  33. Angel15158 your so Right she is Abusive Rob needs to Leave her

  34. they will get over it it's just a fight couples go through it all the time

  35. She only datet ( idk how you typ it ) him for attention and to distroy the kardashians. Oh and for the money

  36. Rob is following her on ig lol

  37. Is this not obviously a publicity stunt or something for their new show that's coming out?

  38. I dont think Rob would leave her yet, I mean she is pregnant with his child. And I think they would try to work things out after Blac Chyna gives birth

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