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Rohingya refugees reject Myanmar delegation's offer to return

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have rejected offers from a high-level delegation from Myanmar to return to their villages.
Three-quarters of a million of the Muslim minority population in Myanmar fled the military crackdown there two years ago.
The Rohingya want safety guarantees and full citizenship before they go back.

Al Jazeera’s Tanvir Chowdhury reports from the refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar.

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  1. Europe and world stand with rohingya

  2. For it was prophecized by our beloved prophet that the worlds leaders will be corrupt.
    Authority will be in the wrong hands as we get closer to the end of the world
    May the righteous keep firm and strong against them

  3. Myanmar govt must be ensure the safety and full citizenship of Rohingya people before repatriation.

  4. "There will no longer be the issue of race"

    Yeah……..right. This comment section shows the otherwise.

  5. Good decision took by refugees.

  6. My dear brothers n sisters please dn`t forget that they cooked,burnt,burried u alive n cut your so wen into half n bring out your infant babies.Astaghfirulah!please don't go back they will finish your generations.Allah will make a way just don't lose hope beg forgiveness n mercy!!!!!😫😟😭💔🙏👼

  7. 1 st turn those monsters buddhist into human and return them back to school there should be only 1 subject compulsory for them 💁to respect Rohingiya human rights if they pass in their exam only then the return of Rohingiya will be possible to their motherland to make it a holy unpolluted land again 💁✌✌✌

  8. Why al-Jaeera doesn't takes Rohingiya in Qatar 😁😁😁😁😁Qatar even has a Taliban embassy.

  9. Dramebaaz delegation 👊👊👊

  10. Just medical test they are Bengali or ethnic people, let result decide what is truth. No bias or lies require just simple as that. Let truth win if we believe in truth & justice..

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  12. Aung San daughter is the living Bodhisattva.

  13. "Come back, we've not finished killing you yet"

  14. Send these rohingyas in india to myanmar

  15. I wouldn't go back if I was them. The hate in Myanmar for those people and other minority groups is so strong! I wouldn't put it pass the Myanmar government that they're using this ploy just too get them back and slaughter them. The absolute disregard for the safety of even the women and children is what scares me. DISGRACEFUL!

  16. they are at home now, they come to Myanmar not visa , not permit across the our border , they come from Bengladesh, they are not Rohinga ,which not has Myanmar nationality. don't come back. they arrive in 1970 ''India – Pakistan war " which divide to Pakistan and Bengladesh ,they run to Myanmar by refugees. Now they stay at home.

  17. Asking the Rohingya to return to their homeland right now is like asking farm animals to return to the slaughterhouse.

  18. DO NOT GO BACK, AND DON'T BUY A SINGLE WORD THEY SAY!! The Myanmar government wants to buy these people back as form of slaves. This is because they are in talks of getting a big deal done, if they get these poor people back home. This means the Myanmar government will be provided with Billions in AID. Plus the countries economy will also incrase upto 30%, if not more. Currently no country wants to make deals with them. So this is just a Fake Facade they are putting out, just to get their hand on the money. Even now they still claim that they don't want to give them Citizenship. I mean that should explain everything about Myanmar!

  19. If you ever feel like trash see this again

  20. How many refugees are allowed in Saudi Arabia?

  21. Of course they are still scare to hitler angshang suchi?

  22. Do not go back if you will continue to be second class citzens

  23. What so they can be slaughtered !!!I say don't go back unless you have citizenship and whilst your at it take a bazooka and a flamethrower for a good measure , that ought to keep you safe from those inhumane barbarians

  24. Buddhist are barbarians

  25. They shouldn’t go back to that horrendous state without Full-Citizens-Rights before hand and their own military defence against the Government forces. Better yet succeed their territorial land to Bangladesh. Then they don’t have to go anywhere. Especially to a genocidal state.

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