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Royal Officials Working To Hammer Out New Role For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry | NBC Nightly News

The couple are still waiting to learn of their finances, duties and titles.
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Royal Officials Working To Hammer Out New Role For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Dee's Nuts are jumping ship. The UK is a sinking ship in the next few decades, they can't get out of Brexit, they can't control their population, they've got ZERO opportunities in the next century to survive the coming climate catastrophe. Meg and Harry can see the high water mark and are making for even higher ground.

  2. This is NBC, an American network. Talk about the 20 veterans per day committing suicide and the real help needed. And explain where the over $1 trillion the Federal Reserve was dumping into the Repo Market came from and why we don’t have a high speed railway system.

  3. So what now? Are you guys going to start reporting on what's really going on with this family? They are just using this to cover up the pedophiles in that family.

  4. What did they do, to begin with. Stop uploading nonsense.

  5. NBC is all over royal D's., I love how Lester starts tapping when it is time talk royals, reminds me of old Shirley temple movies.

  6. They don't need the queen to play for security. She can live in solitude if she doesn't trust people in the city. Live free not from Queens money. Get a job.

  7. Meghans AMERICAN FANS have to seriously ask themselves why Meghans not RETURNING TO AMERICA



  8. Meghan in Canada for 2 minutes and already turning people against her

    Come February Meghans obsessed American fans will be calling everyone in Canada RACISTS 100% GUARANTEE


  9. Meghan probably wants her career back and Harry might do something related to mental health.

  10. You’re really gonna leave over stupid headlines? Idk to me that sounds so stupid! They better be the ones that have to pay for their security if they’re out.

  11. Divorce her, she's a libtard trainwreck!

  12. Who cares! Not our problem.We celebrate independence day for a reason…

  13. Outlaw the British Royal freak show.

  14. M.m expenses$ 6.5 Million per year due to Not important to anyone to support her while people might they barley income have $1500 to survive their kids. Should she return to work instead to spend tax people

  15. Why they never had enough and saying quit people who quit will not ask more but leave at what they will have in future too -shame they can't get enough of any country want more more greedy currenciesWhy must they enjoy 2Continenet and 2Currencies or 3 better die -Harry unfit for commonwealth leaders both children women youth other must foff PAEDOPHILE MM

  16. Black people manic make him marry that prostitute

  17. Why are Europeans so petty?

  18. It's all the woman's fault.

  19. She dated Trevor from 2004 to 2011 and then was married to him until 2013. You don't divorce and walk away from a relationship like that without carrying some shame and guilt inside and being affected.

  20. I feel so bag for Harry and Meghan, they are going to have such a tough life now. Maybe we should start a Go-Fund-Me for them so they don’t have to suffer.

  21. Nobody cares about these snowflakes!

  22. They should send them both to the Moon and be done with it.

  23. Muppet!!! Enough!!! Time to stop all of this.

  24. That's right make her a victim.

  25. Who gives a F%#* about the Royals in the UK or especially the globalist leftist royalty who hijacked the US over the past decades.

  26. All this drama to help us forget Andrew is a pedophile

  27. BREAKING: Meghan Markle dies in a construction accident, under a Pneumatic hammer.

  28. There is nothing sadder than a spineless, whipped husband. And Harry is just such a husband, obediently doing whatever the dominatrix Meghan orders. So sad when men lose their balls in a relatioship and become such spineless mice. I bet most husbands watching NBC are similar whipped losers…

  29. Paparazzi Caravans GET TO WORK!!!

  30. How much this costing taxpayers………..

  31. She was in it for herself. She never intended to stay. She will use him up, and move on to the next. That is what Narsasist do.

  32. So when you gonna dig up the real stories of human trafficking/ smuggling that puts royals down. Or is this it- theses two getting ahead of it and distancing themselves before hand?

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