Royal Summit Planned After Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Decision To ‘Step Back’ | Nightly News

The Queen and senior family members will gather in London after Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, announced they would step back from royal life. Prince Charles will fly in for the occasion while Meghan, who is in Canada with baby Archie, is likely to join by phone.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Royal Summit Planned After Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Decision To ‘Step Back’ | Nightly News


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  1. I'd pay to see the moment she found out she was a black woman. Lolz

  2. I said NO to eating something out of those peoples kitchen.. yuck I would never eat anything at your house.. I was over as a guest and they asked if I wanted some, I said NO they insisted I try it like I was being shy I WAS NOT being shy I was disgusted and almost puked by smelling the food it was a disgusting experience I felt like I was trapped.. ONe time I pretended to eat and when the lady left I dumped it down the garbage disposal, some other lady invited me over for dinner and it turned out she had some spaghetti in the freezer from who knows when and it smelled terrible I almost started to puke I didnt know what to do she was face to face looking at me I just went ahead and lied and said I wasnt hungry after making puking noises trying to hold my nose and breath at the same time.. so many times over at peoples houses and they cook what they consider as delicious meals was disgusting smell had to go outside and get breath of fresh air.. and then even at some restaurants like the chinese restaurant with the smelly deep fryer smell yuck never eat chinese food again.. and remember when at high school we had the snack bar and the other kids ate the school lunch and yuck the smell from the cafeteria from the chili con carne day or the spaghetti day yuck lucky we had separate area to eat I remember the kids that used to eat at the cafeteria yuck they were used to it, I used to keep clear distance from them anyway just in case.. never forget the smell of the cafeteria kids food so many people out there still smell like the cafeteria school lunch room should be treated like the cafeteria lady

  3. Did you see it coming? You can have your Britain..

  4. And this is England’s “favorite” royal. Goodness only knows how they would treat their least favorite. 😬

  5. that thing must be like a snapping turtle.

  6. guess this is why they says "Men with mommy issues will burn down the whole island for one women" when kate married william she know what she signed up for…clearly meghan do too, but she lose the bait. first, lawsuit the press for her little drama queen, now leaving his family, what next?

  7. Why do those fools overseas continue to pray Xtra taxes so the Royals who do nothing for the country collect millions in taxes to live

  8. A soyboy owned by feminist women
    And Destroyed the heritage of British Royal Family

  9. Royal Summit Planned After Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Decision To ‘Step Back

    "Step Back" or in other clearer words SELL OUT TO DISNEY

  10. Be careful for what you wish for Harry.

  11. The British press needs to stop hating on Megan, Prince Harry chose her as his wife and they need to deal with it.

  12. So she starts the doo show then takes off and lets Harry deal with it. What a vile piece of trash that woman is!

  13. I was blindsided by the fact that as much as Princess Diana went on the record about the hardships of royal life and her treatment by the media people keep saying the Duchess of Sussex is the problem 🤔

  14. I guess will never under The British Main Stream media one minutes you well up in arms against Harry for choosing Meghan as wife you wrote ugly stories about her you said she was not fit to be in the royal family, Now Harry and Meghan have thrown in the towel by stepping back , You can't have it again, honestly I don't know what you want them to do ,and putting all the blame on Meghan sucks it only shows how the media what to change the narrative of the story the media wants to destroy Harry's marriage by portraying his wife in negative way.Harry and Meghan are being punished for they popularity, How dare they are outshining Everybody in the Royal Family, The Royal family will not have that.

  15. Why does the rest of the world tolerate the royal family? They are an absurd, pointless, anachronistic JOKE.

  16. Prince Harry won't allow y'all to disrespect his Black Queen

  17. This is a family or monarchy big issue, how about the whole Pedo Andrew issue?

  18. The Sandringham Meeting aka The Empire Strikes Back

  19. Don’t get distracted this bs is for you stop talking about the pedo Andrew.

  20. 2 reasons Harry and Meghan are leaving. Harry knows the monarchy is responsible for his mothers death. And Harry knows his biological father is the red headed butler Diana had an affair with. Get real UK. LEAVE THEM ALONE

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