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Rudy Giuliani Just Went From Zero To Stupid

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Has Rudy Giuliani lost his mind? Cenk Uygur, Tom Morello, Ben Mankiewicz, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.


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“Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani Thursday evening praised Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s explosive attacks on Democrats during the widely-watched Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. And he applauded the senior Senator from South Carolina for having voted to confirm now-justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

But Giuliani, who has never held elected office after serving as Mayor of the City of New York, also took the opportunity to brag that he too voted to confirm Sotomayor and Kagan.”

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Tom Morello, Ben Mankiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Tom Morello, Ben Mankiewicz


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  1. Rudy Giuliani is a homo blow job for Trump

  2. This is literally the funniest tyt clip i hv seen.

  3. There are lots of ways to spell lynsie

  4. "They're all crazy." LOL! Cenk is getting exasperated.

  5. Why is that guy wearing mirrored glasses indoors?

  6. Classified America classifies everything tp hide the truth from the stupid sheeple that blindly follow. Your a joke America have been for decades. 911 u people still think Bin Laden did it so stupid so sad so pathetic you all get whats coming and its gonna be dry and you will bleed.

  7. Who's that laughing in the background?

  8. Were this asshole, or The Orange Idiot, or Peon Pence, or pretty much ANY vile, divisive repugnican, to get 'got' on camera, I might actually watch, instead of going straight to comments to bust chops.

  9. Is that Tom Morello? He kicks arse

  10. Common sense that happens when you work for stupid you come super stupid

  11. It’s simple really, Goooliani’s getting a PHD at very very large a-brain Dump university

  12. So, according to Graham, "old fashioned principles" include glossing over, hiding or unjustifiably classifying as "confidential" 90 percent of a SCOTUS nominee's record of public service? And even if that is the case, I don't recall Sotomayor or Kagan (or even Gorsuch) being accused of sexual assault!

    Feral Ghouliani can't lose the "mind" that he never had!

  13. Rudy jumped the shark when he started defending Trump. Not that he’s doing it but how he’s doing it. This was a very well respected man

  14. Someone will do a film about all this. Maybe Michael Moore. The title will be "Mr. Trump Goes to Washington". It will consist entirely of outtakes from old Marx Brothers and Laurel and Hardy films, intercut with the best episodes of The Little Rascals.


  16. the young turks cannot stand, above all else, one simple thing. America.

  17. Where in this world did you guys get that picture of Rudy?love it.he needs someone to love,call Trump for recommendations.

  18. A Tusker Lager tee…only East Africans will understand

  19. Tom Morello must also be honoured by the likenesses of that riff at the end of the segment to his RATM style.

  20. There goes Rudy again with his alternative facts.

  21. when did this occur – it wasn't recently!

  22. Did you know that California has already instituted UN Agenda 21 in California complete by 2020 so that US Constitution is rejected as far as individual and private property rights? Look up Ag21 and see local communities objecting to public use of their private property. I quit town council 15 years ago because it was LA county policy. Colleges are teaching students to reject the US Constitution

  23. Did you know that the trips to S Arabia for Clinton McCn [Kamala to Syria] were tied to terrorist activity in the Mid East? Kamala was not offering any help to the refugees. RUSSIA has already made Syria safe for the return of OVER a million refugees to go HOME. kampala wants them here so they can overthrow the government without IDs and no background info.

  24. DID YOU KNOW Giuliani is working on the twin towers collapse? NOT necessarily because of the planes, but because of a THIRD building that went down from the BOTTOM up,and Pres had his structural people look at the videos over and over and over again over 15 years ago because WE HAVE ALL SEEN tall buildings being demolished. REMEMBER THE OLD VEGAS CASINOS? OH maybe y'all didn't know he was involved in construction of towers and buildings and knows structural materials and integrity. If I'm not mistaken, he mentioned that there had been an attempted bombing before so they know demolition and explosive power/chemicals firepower etc.

  25. i just watched again the video for the laughs

  26. Rudi.,, A message to you Rudi.! Stop your messing around, try to think of the future. Stop your playing around, bringing problems to town….. Rudi.

  27. Now that's some guest! Tom Morello!

  28. Giuliani is useful. He doesn't help Trump. He could bring the Moronic Orange Groper down. Hope so.

  29. Guiliani is and has been irrelevant for quite some time. Why is he even given airtime?

  30. He is a clown like all trumps assholes and I do believe the conspiracy theories on 911 that he was involved

  31. Damn, it's hard to watch this channel without seeing the bias

  32. We are imploding under the weight of bystandarism at last. It took long enough. Sarcasm+disdain*—–^

  33. That's like saying…
    "I voted for your sane people; now, YOU, have to vote for, MY, lunatic."

  34. This is pathetic disgusting reporting!

  35. It'd be more appropriate to say he went from stupid to stupider.

  36. he left his cellphone on the table and trump took it. XD

  37. What is happening in this country?!?

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