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Russian Government Resigns To Make Way For Vladimir Putin’s Constitutional Changes | NBC News

Prime Minister Medvedev said President Putin plans to “introduce significant changes not only to a number of articles of the Constitution but also to the general balance of power.”
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Russian government resigns to make way for Vladimir Putin’s constitutional changes | NBC News


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  1. What's Putin gonna say. It was all the other's fault's and here I am your savior. If the Russian people swallow this without a fight it will be very sad indeed.

  2. People forget how unstable Russia was before Putin, I think many worry what will happen without him

  3. in soviet russia, president impeach government

  4. You ppl are soo far from the light its hillarious 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣
    How can all of the ppl on the comments haven’t cracked it is beyond me 😀
    Just think about it for a min…. he wants to make the president position less powerfull and to increase the powers of the government and redistribution of power will prevent a GUAIDO SUTIATION INSPIRED BY LOVELY USA 🤣🤣

    The man simply wants to make sure that when he steps down his country wont become the next Venezuela 🇻🇪 and have a Guaido sutiation and ruin all his years of hard work he has done…

    How does no one get that on here is F..ing hillarious BRAINWASHING AT ITS BEST hahahaha

  5. All is well when a dictator does.good for the nation, the problem is Putin has been good for Russia but what if a dickehead comes into power in Putins position and changes the constitution. ???

  6. Is Russia now a dictatorship now???

  7. Putin will replace one corrupt gang with another. Nothing new has happened.

  8. Putin and Xi jinping world greatest people. no leader can come close to these leaders.

  9. I think this guy will still rule Russia when all other generations will be dead.

  10. PM-Prez-Prez-PM-Prez-Prez-…,

    Guess what's next

  11. What's everyone's money on when it comes to the future of the recently resigned government members?
    1) Siberia? – Putin sends the government members + families to labor camps in Siberia
    c) Accidents? – all meet mysterious deaths e.g. Radiation poisoning, jet being shot down
    iv) Disappear? – just vanish into thin air
    x) Annexation? – Russia decides to invade and annex another Eastern European Nation
    47) All of the above?

  12. this is grim news for russia. my heartfelt prayers for them. how far back is he taking them? how dangerous will it become to criticize him? will people start disappearing off the streets or be dragged out of their homes in the middle of the night never to be heard of again? will they not know who to trust again? this so alarming. & this is the man trump admires. is he showing trump what he could do here if he beats this trial? putin is just a little punk. but he has terrorized enough key people & recruited enough of the other thug punks to do his dirty work & go along with it silently. this is bad. senate republicans need to remember the stalin years & understand fully the aspirations of donnie to be just like putin when he grows up. get him out of our wh, & keep him & any of his family from running for any office-ever.

  13. Gangrats to the People of Russia, you now have a Dictatorship Gov. One step foward two Steps back? You failed to learn from your past and so you shall be served which you failed to fix…

  14. Thank GOD for Putin…A world leader who knows whats best for his people and the rest of us

  15. For one negative comment, you have 6 russians hacker replying… if you believe me try

  16. I thought we cannot find a black in Russia, but we can find the African dictatorial leadership…

  17. Making the soviet union great again!

  18. If we don't learn from the past HISTORY is always going to repeat itself.

    He will rule for life soviet union 2.0

  19. I see that Department of State today is generous enough to hire numerous anti-russia bots.

  20. In Soviet Russia, the government doesn't make the President resign, the President makes the government resign.

  21. That's the guy Obama said he's more available to on hot mic. You'll never hear Trump bow down that low to anyone, especially not Russia!

  22. NBC is nothing more than another propaganda channel ! Period !

  23. Not much of a Constitution if all it takes to change it is for the government to resign and allow Putin to write a new Constitution that gives him all power.

  24. He got tired of being a puppet.

  25. The Orange Sphincter is celebrating with an extra bucket of chicken right now.

  26. Puttin becomes the new Napoleon, and Trump is his fool.

  27. Trump aspires to do the same thing..watch out America!

  28. In other words, Putin has seized control of the government for life.

  29. I guess Putin was jealous of Xi in China.

  30. I swore I've seen this before. Possibly in the 1930's, in the country of Germany. Can't really remember his name……

  31. Russia is a mob state and Putin is the godfather.

  32. This is what needs to happen In America

  33. So, why even bother to pretend democracy has anything to do with Russia? Trump will decline a presidential election loss, and the vast majority of his supporters will be happy that he refuses to leave office. He feels he deserves a "dictator for life" title, just like Xi.

  34. You can believe something dirty and evil I about to go down.
    It will end up with Count Down Armageddon to face off with Israel's GREAT GOD, YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST, because of Russia's foolish desire and attempt to conquer and rob God's chosen people ISRAEL. Ezekiel chapters ,38-39.

  35. Wait didn’t the Chinese do this similar where now he has not limit on the terms he can run

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