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Russian nuclear reactor explosion shrouded in mystery

Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst General Jack Keane (Ret.) says the Russians are notorious for having below standard in terms of maintenance and safety.

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  1. Holy-mole and laughing our loud, even the Russians have a Trump for president or dictator he he he he. Its nothing new.

  2. Canada sets he standard of nuclear safety. The u.s is only slightly better than the u.s. Also complaining about Putin not allowing political representation and arrests is no different than what the liberals are doing in the u.s. Standard propaganda.

  3. Send in Greta! "How dare you Russia"! No, lets send the US into the dark ages but by all means don't challenge Russia or the Chinese. Liberals are complete butt-plugs!!

  4. WHAT HYPOCRICY! As US in setting standards in nuclear safety, as in Hanford, Oak Ridge …?

  5. This is the third Russian related nuclear incident, I no trust it

  6. Set the standard cough three mile island cough

  7. 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️🇪🇺🇬🇧🇮🇱🇺🇸🇻🇮🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  8. Steam pots often explode in Russia 🙂

  9. “We have low standards in safety and security “…that’s a stupid lie, when we were soviet, somewhat; due to the Cold War but the US also made mistakes in science and radiation exposure. This is silly. Second, they definitely have this middle, absolutely.

  10. And as always have nice day.

  11. This is not a reactor explosion, but an explosion of an ammunition depot near the city of Achinsk. Please do not mislead people

  12. Россия сама по себе хорошая локация для фоллаута, а с ядерной бомбой ничего не изменится.

  13. 1:02 – They put out a video
    1:22 – Yeah that's not real
    Did this General really have to explain to a reporter what crappy info graphics are? I know it's her job but has Fox's audience really gotten this dumb or is this reporter a real blonde? We all said watching FOX will make you stupid but we were JOKING… G*damn!

  14. Literally wtf happened now…anybody with source

  15. You idiots? How can you hide the explosion of a nuclear reactor? Make the explosion a secret? Ahahahahah, who is this news for?

  16. Who cares? Russian are all ignorants!

  17. Could someone send this info to Trump? WAKE UP…moron…

  18. Common knowledge that those protests are funded and organized by American intel. Of course the police are going to have very little tolerance.

  19. Fukusima 2.0, 2.0 Gulf of Mexico, Hiroshima and Nagasaki 2.0, Atoll Moruroa 2.0
    Agree Pindos?

  20. Nah, it’s a Mentos / Coca Cola experiment…….

  21. It's not reactor explosion – it's rocket fuel explosion, all radioactivity hazard completely secured less than 2 days after incident.

  22. Gee Wizz Trump is with Putin you feret.

  23. Gotta love how they NEVER warn anybody about their nuclear accidents!

  24. Now I know what is happening when I eat Ramen nuclear

  25. i hate russians because they cant handle anything

  26. SMR nuclear reactor blew it's core 8/8/19 in Russia.Smr has the power of ,1,000 nuclear reactors , Testing SMR nuclear reactor in Idaho USA . possible next one to blew up… this are unstable REACTORS.If it blows up its bye-bye Northern Hemisphere and bye-bye USA.Abolish nuclear power before EXTINCTION EVENT WORLD WIDE.8/12/19..Putin said FALLOUT OUT WILL SPREAD TO THE CORNER OF THE EARTH…..

  27. ''Impossible! Nothing happened!''
    – Anatoly Dyatlov

  28. 🤣🤣🤣its fake…. sure

  29. why FOX never get the news right it was an army warehouse not a nuclear reactor.

  30. A Russian who immigrated to the west before the fall of the Soviet Union told me that the government was having all sorts of nuclear tests in one form or another all over the Soviet Union.
    It was known that mass amounts of people would suddenly get cancer in certain areas.

  31. How is this not dominating all news outlets. This is a global threat

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