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Sacha Baron Cohen Slams Social Media Companies: 'Your Product Is Defective' | NBC News

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen criticized Facebook and other social media platforms for their handling of hate speech and conspiracy theories.
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Sacha Baron Cohen Slams Social Media Companies: ‘Your Product Is Defective’ | NBC News


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  1. Yeah, “propaganda is on the rise” according to Sasha….so what’s his “solution”? EVEN MORE CENSORSHIP!! Censorship’s fine…,as long as HE is the censor! Right, Sasha?

  2. when borat wants to decide what we can think.

  3. The Father of Fake News. The irony is quite strong on this one.

  4. This Stalinist RAT just said that Mark Zuckerberg should be put in JAIL for not enforcing the left's standard of censorship? Good Lord….what a POS this guy is. A jew literally advocating for NAzi style censorship

  5. They want to imprison anyone who doesn't want to be under the ADL's authority jurisdiction and speech codes.
    This is a 20th Century USSR mindset.
    Personally this does nothing but prove Tom Metzger correct.

  6. Sacha I salute you! Facebook is the ruin of humanity. Younger peoples social skills now are so dysfunctional. Kids carry knifes in fear for this reason…

  7. This all seems a bit…..Jewish

  8. good comments being deleted. Shut it down.

  9. somebody get this big baby a pacifier!

  10. In my country there is problem…

    and that problem is Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and Zucker.

  11. Made millions from Borat and Bruno now he wants this? Hes trult a p.o.s.

  12. Is this another one of his characters? The elite fascist liberal?

  13. Hahahahahahaha Fake reviews and thumb ups. It's not working NBC. Sacha Baron Cohen is mentally ill and that is clear as day. Money & fame does this to people. It's sad to see a comedian lose their mind over politics like this. These people are supposed to help relieve us from this sort of crap and now most comedians have developed TDS. I think it MORE THAN FAIR to say Sacha Baron Cohen is an old washed up unfunny comedian like adam sandler is.


  15. Hey wait, hold on everyone. The Borat guy has something to say about something….

  16. Without his comedy facade, Sacha is scary in a creepy Orwellian kind of way. How disappointing.

  17. 'One time when me was high, me sold me car for like 24 chicken McNuggets'.

  18. “I think we could all agree that we should not be giving bigots and pedophiles a free platform to amplify their views and target their victims,” Baron Cohen said.

    if bigots and pedofiles were banned from social media there would be NO jews on youtube or facebook

  19. Well said, stop spreading more than 50% percentage fake news about China

  20. Never liked, never subscribed to Facebook, it seems wrong. Well said Sacha.

  21. Sacha Baron sure must get some inspiration out of this amusing yet ludicrous racist comment section. "hate preachers" that stand up for their "rights" as antisemites, racists and wannabe neonazi's.

  22. A lot of people in the comment section can't discern free speach from hate speach. :3

  23. Who got to him ! Censorship is here

  24. I'm not impressed. This is clear to everybody. But as a member of the clan why doesn't he call his people directly for their spread of disinformation to maintain financial and military control over the people? Look at all of Hollywood that he directly works with and benefited from the privilege of being part of the clan. Less than 1% of our population but they control all of media. That doesn't even make sense. And their propaganda to turn whites and blacks against each other while they pull the rug under everyone's feet. That's immoral.

  25. Boycott NBC Epstein pedo protectors and their CIA perverted handlers.

  26. NBC FAKE NEWS AND FASCIST YT ARE FAKING THE LIKES/DISLIKES COUNT again. just read the comments. fukn YT/NBC scum.

  27. This is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. There is no solution. Letting Government officials decide what is allowed on social media will also be terrible. Everyone has a biased opinion and vested interest. Who will fact check the fact checkers? Although I feel Sacha Cohen's heart is in the right place, if we do what he is asking, he will inevitably be removed from social media outlets for a joke. It is, unfortunately, all or nothing. All we can do is hope people use there best judgment when taking in information. There are more platforms than social media that spew propaganda. Stephen Colbert completely misrepresented the turn out of one of Andrew Yangs Rally and yet the vast majority of people believe everything Stephen says.

  28. The Irony is the guy who made his bones pranking people and being way over the top is now calling for Censorship… Its coming full circle. Just Like MK11

  29. Here's something to familiarize yourself with the National Socialist ideology. @t

  30. Love Sasha's new character , he even looks like a democrat

  31. Sacha, didnt Hitler take away free speech like you are calling for??? He also shut down selected business, took away means of defending yourself, he targeted conservatives , manipulated people to think they are fighting for good but where actually fighting for evil? The only group of people I see following his footsteps are democrats like yourself. FYI You have said so many bigoted statements on video, this speech makes you sound like the biggest hypocrite.

  32. Who are the Silicon Valley six?

  33. We try to establish systems in the world where we use violence verbally and never pull anybody’s hair. This is what we call a 'democratic process' – where it is a constant war of words. Don’t be offended by the words because if you take away the privilege of verbal war, it will translate into physical war." -SG

  34. I wish comedians would keep being comedians instead of becoming publicly angry propagandists for the Democratic Party. They stop being funny when they do that. It is sad.

  35. I consider the MSM the greatest propaganda machine in history. That being said, I do not think the government should regulate MSM just like thet have no business trying to regulate speech of social media.

    Here is an idea, it might be really crazy, but if you hate social media then stop using it.

  36. In a Democracy society should be free to monitor itself and not be monitored by others.

  37. Imagine unironically believing Hitler even existed. What a brainlet.

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