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Salem Witch Trial Victim John Proctor House for Sale

The house of John Proctor, a victim of the Salem Witch Trials, is now on the market for the price of $600,000.

Proctor was a prominent part of the Salem Witch Trials, where he was accused of witchcraft, convicted and hanged in 1692; his role in the trials served as loose inspiration for one of the characters who shares his name in Arthur Miller‘s dramatized and fictionalized account of the trials, The Crucible.

According to The Salem News, the nearly 4,000 square-ft. house is a First Period colonial and has six bedrooms and two baths; it’s located in the town of Peabody, which used to be a part of Salem. Members of the Peabody Historical Society have expressed interest in purchasing the property, including historical society president, Dick St. Pierre, who thinks that the landmark could be used for the benefit of the public.

“We would love to get the house because it was a big part of the Salem Witch Trials,” St. Pierre said. “Money is tight, and a lot of people want it. So we have to present a really strong case. What we’re worried about is if it becomes privately-owned, it denies the public from seeing the building.”



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