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Samsung Galaxy Fold: What to expect from the new update | USA TODAY

New and improved Samsung Galaxy Fold is back, and experts give their opinions.
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Samsung began selling the Fold in its native South Korea before debuting it in the U.S.

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  1. these days some youtubers do much better job then dumb media

  2. Lol why would you fold the phone so hard multiple times. He really wants to break it and acting like 8 years old boy lol. The phone will be safe if you use your common sense

  3. The phone will be safe as long as you wear gloves and live in a padded clean room.

  4. It looks cool but I'll stick to my unpluged broken razer from 2000ish

  5. What candybars are you eating that are folded?

  6. 2k $ 😰😱😱😱 oh no😨

  7. I want this so bad! This is such a great innovation to artist. I hate bringing my phone and ipad mini just so I can make art when I'm traveling or have down time at work. I hope apple makes one too.

  8. This phone is not for everybody due to its fragile design and too many care instructions.

  9. He said it's something satisfying about the loud smacking sound. I know that's right

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