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Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on | Engadget at IFA 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear hands-on | Engadget at IFA 2013

The Galaxy Gear is finally official — and expected to launch in more than 100 countries within weeks — just how does it perform?
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  1. So much changed between 3 years with the first gear and the gear s3

  2. i was here on 23 august 2016

  3. Learn how to use itbefore you make a video,
    Rubbish..delete it.

  4. I'd rename this video to : on-hands

  5. Apple just announced their apple watch. It look 100x better than this.

  6. This is frustrating to watch. 

  7. There's WAY too much lag in the swipes. For most people, if its not swift and immediately responsive, it's a deal breaker.

  8. He's shaking soo much.. He's held up!!!

  9. Good product from Samsung n looking forward to pick one in due time, when compared it with iPhone; that is no comparison, more of advanced touch from Samsung industry in the future.

  10. It needs  a laser pointer and angry birds

  11. Still doesn't beat the Dick Tracy wrist watch. But then again that's hardly a fair fight. 

  12. THIS Watch Gets Me Mad Play With The Ladies n Good Compliments From the Fellas. I Like It.

  13. Esa camara lo arruina todo esteticamente, feo 🙁

  14. If that thing would be a stand-alone 'mobile phone' watch then fair enough but it isn't. Still looks like a cool thing to have. 

  15. the only thing that seems nice is gettin s voice to work especially if an iwatch comes out i hope they would improve on the stuff you can do even gettin siri to call or look shit up just by speakin to her 

  16. "and driving safety.. if you're into that sort of thing." lolz

  17. Is this compadable with an iPhone

  18. I keep checking steam for new messages with that intro

  19. that camera is incredibly useless. I don't get why they added that to the gear. 

  20. Why can't you just reach into your pockets and grab your phone.  I understand the thoughts of doing this and where they're coming from but this is just fucking stupid. Are you going to hold the thing up to your face like an agent and look like an idiot trying to talk to someone on the other line?  

  21. 3:29
    What's with the Pedometer? Measures how pedophile you are on a scale from 1 to 10?

  22. At first, its very comfortable for me as musical producer, to change sound level of the phonogram on the watches, and above all you can hold a guitar. As well if you saw episode 1 of 4st season of "Quantum leap", there Sam got watches similar to this. Its amazing.

  23. The Galaxy gear is a piece of shit. They totally failed with this project. The screen is too small, the software is too clunky and The design sucks. I hope that Apple can do a better job.

  24. I have a concept for the gear 2 , how can i send my concept idea to samsung?

  25. Awkward moment when it's cheaper to tape a HD TV to your wrist.

  26. can u get different watch faces, and is it water proof?

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