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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 surfaces in leaked photo

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 surfaces in leaked photo

You didn’t think Samsung would be able to keep its next phone under wraps, did you?

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  1. N..no Headphone Jack?

    I'm getting S10+

  2. iPhone users: for some reason if you turn on iMessage but don’t have data you can’t receive messages from some people – for that reason alone I’m switching to android because iPhone just petty

  3. makes me wanna "Leak" all over them

  4. Leaks everywhere, from government to corporate. Morality is at all time low

  5. The future is always to have a brighter day of a Sunday of a new-look about it but it is seems not like it is feel like it is deja vu again just like cell phones like somewhere in the present and the future what are the colors of a of the the covers but a cell phone like it looks Gray some day that a Samsung data of a of a of a new the announcement like what happen if the customers want something of their own choosing colors of their own cell phones from the outside of the cover and choose any of coloring designs and specially that how you said something unique coming out in for the drawings into the a reality or with your half of a dream come true it going to happen but if some someone they could do better like this it could be of a new Revolution of a of the customers that I Y color logo what kind of coloring by kind of graphic of a design for the outside for the phone it could happen you know but only time will tell for the future

  6. seriously? i just bought my s10 in march. this is BS

  7. Been buying these phones for years….so basically very minimal new features and a huge price tag…but works good and is a solid phone….other than the explodey one they sold me twice.

  8. i will keep s10 plus baby please

  9. Anybody notice the date says 7-11-09 in the intro?

  10. Ugliest 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮😵

  11. They need to get rid of those rounded edges. Nice to hold but really annoying when it cones to practicality

  12. No headphone jack, NO BUY!!!

    S10+ here I come!!!

  13. With this hole in the middle of the screen it already looks outdated. It would have been a nice phone. In 2016.

  14. I'm keeping my s10+ which I luv. And it has the headphone jack. I still can't believe Samsung would remove it? Boo, boo!

  15. What’s with the ugly dot head camera

  16. The s10 is the best phone ever rn

  17. Who noticed that the s pen is one piece this time? I suggested that design 5 different times.

  18. Is The Women Drunk 🥴


  19. Damn it's got those stupid rounded edges.

  20. Hope LG next year can beat Samsung because really what can Samsung bring that new next year if LG can fix all the bad things of there v and g phones the have a beast of a phone and if the wood bring back the removable battery that be a big deal but I know that won't happen

  21. Actually the bottom bezel is thin but they make the top bezel thinner..🤦‍♂️ Maybe, in 2020 Samsung will start to make all their phones symmetrical..🤷‍♂️

  22. Apple, take NOTE of that design. Ahaha sigh…

  23. You look so lively and enthusiastic and I am already a subscriber and thanks for the video

  24. So now they are copying Sony’s design and still can’t make a symmetrical front, OK.

    At least they are getting rid of that archaic 3.5 mm jack.

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