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Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max: Who has the better camera? | USA TODAY

We test out the Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs. the iPhone 11 Pro Max to find out which is the king of the smartphone camera.
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The recently released iPhone 11 Pro now features 3 camera lenses like the Samsung Galaxy S10. We compare both camera phones side-by-side.

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  1. Samsung Galaxy s10 plus.
    No question here. Although iam sure 100% that it's a damn fake video.

  2. if you like the iphone better, the question is, how much? A little, or 500 bucks better?

  3. I have the galaxy s10+ and either mine is broken or the camera is sh*t the photos come out nothing like that! It softens everything theres no detail in photos and video turn out to be pixelated af. I'm mad at my purchase because it was advertised as the best and it is horrible!! I had the pixel xl and pixel 2xl and those have amazing cameras so the galaxy s10 plus is a downgrade from there

  4. 😂😂😂 sorry Iphone not

  5. Samsung wins ultrawide look at the sky . Iphone sky is blown out just colors are nicer

  6. Why are you comparing wide iPhone shots to telephoto Samsung shots? This is the dumbest comparison on YouTube.

  7. Galaxy s 10 is better then what people think

  8. Galaxy s10 e melhor que qualquer um dos iphones! todo mundo e samsung! ! principalmente ó Brasil e mais encontrado com os brasileiros é o galaxy s10+, Note 10+, A 80. Love samsung!

  9. I think that the galaxy looks better. But honestly I would trade that for better low light detail.

  10. So this just a test using a human who doesn’t know how to take photos? The iPhone is clearly capable of taking excellent photos… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PEjF8Ny4hHg see for yourself. Jared nails it. Especially at the end in the concert.

  11. I'll always go with Samsung Galaxy and Android …

  12. Contract phones suck. I'll take the Samsung every time.

  13. I'm sure you edited the iPhone photos to make brighter, but, the s10 still has better resolution.

  14. 1:10 Whoever sees more detail in the Samsung photo here is utterly nuts…

  15. Note 10+ will smoke the iPhone

  16. Same picture
    iPhone: i have a filter

  17. Sure, galaxy looks a little darker, but a quick tweaking in the settings and it'll brighten right up! #teamGalaxy #droidforlife #itrash

  18. 🌑

  19. 1.8ⅹ3.384+8.2ⅹ3.384=33.84🌚🌝🙃🌚🌝🙃

  20. NO HEADPHONE JACK means YOU SHALL NOT SEE MY MONEY!! Stop shoving that wireless inferior sounding bluetooth crap into our ears!!!!

  21. News flash, most of your pictures suck. You are not a professional photographer. Is that why you pay so much money for the dumb iPhone?

  22. I have an s10 and the iPhone x has a better camera

  23. Whoever the tech leaders are at I phone I think are at least half blind. The iPhone images are way overexposed and no that doesn't make it look better. True colors is what gives depth. so what are they charging you all for this piece of crap now $1,000 ? 😂😂😂 And I have a Kyocera duraforce pro 2 and it's amazing for me but hey I'm not a follower so what would I know🧟‍♂️

  24. Warmer tones is just a setting.

  25. USA Today you got paid by Apple to make this advertisement? 🤔 anyways I like that camera on iPhone.

  26. My iPhone 6 is way better that these phones

    Its still works

  27. I just know I'm not paying over $1000 for a phone I'll prob bust in a week.

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