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Samsung, Huawei and mixed opinions: the messy first chapter of foldable phones

Samsung, Huawei and mixed opinions: the messy first chapter of foldable phones

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  1. Didn’t we already have foldable phones in the early 2000s? Like the Motorola razor

  2. Preferring which one is really a personal choice. I like the Mate X because: 1) Bigger screen. 2) Thinner when folded/unfolded. 3) More elegant and trendy. 4) Better Camera. 5) No gap when folded. 6) Lighter weight. 7) Better battery. 8) Out-of-the-box thinking and design.

  3. Huawei X is clearly the more innovative and better design however the Samsung fold is more durable. Either way these are just 1st generation foldable and the future looks bright!

  4. Haha.. I like the way he tells things.. accurate..

  5. I like that Moto fold. Reminds me of the Razor…

  6. This many people will buy fold

  7. If you can't see the design language on Samsung's fold, you should have waited till it comes out before the review. Why in the world a notebook folds inward? Why books fold inward? Why do we drive a car inside instead of outside? Is that a real question? You, medias, seem to be throwing subtle and not so subtle tantrums because Samsung would not allow you to touch. I am sure that you will have hands-on soon enough. Whatever or whoever makes foldable phones, the foldable will be here to stay and will change the landscape of technology today into tomorrow. You don't have to an expert to know if you have followed the technology for past decade at least unless you are just thrown in by your boss to cover the technology.

  8. fans are fools,because competition is good for consumers,and fans just want one brand to become successful and other's to die they are idiots

  9. Where is the “phone” in Sfold?

  10. Guys I’m wondering why under every comment that says huawei is better there always at least one comment below says no it’s not and provide all same “evidence “ hahaha do Korean government hires bots too? And for people who arguing about the privacy issue, remember Snowden?

  11. Really no company that is selling the foldable phone is offering up a good much needed reason to own one? In that perhaps people may just buy because it is new and different. If I had to choose the reason for the foldable part and why one needs it that it mimics a portable COFFEE TABLE. Aside from its enormous price tag it can be conceived now as just a fashion or fad statement nothing more☝️🤪.
    Good luck to anyone who plops down the atrocious amount of money for that "THING"🤢

  12. Smartphones case makers has left the chat!

  13. iphone fanboys~~~~Samsung sent samplies to Apples and Google~~

    we have to iphone fold

  14. If I buy one, it's gonna be Galaxy Fold because Mate X is prone to scratch
    Also, phone that cost almost $2600 better have glass display, not plastic
    Said that, Galaxy Fold is way too small and looks bit chunky too
    When next generation gets released with thinner and larger display, then I might open my pocket
    As for the price, I wasn't surprised at all
    I knew it was going to be around $2,000
    It's just that in terms of the design, it's not quiet there yet

  15. still waiting for rollable phones

  16. Nice honest piece! Engadget I can trust your opinion!

  17. They want to make phones thin sacrificing battery size….. but they don't mind making a foldable phone….. That's thick in it's design………………….

  18. Both are foreign brands so I won't touch them. Will only buy if Apple comes out with one. Be patriotic and buy American only.

  19. just wait a few years till xaomi gets their hand on the tech…

  20. I will just settle for 6.5 to 7inch display smart phone. No need to buy over expensive phone that is quite impractical for daily use not to mention its durability.

  21. More of this guy please.

  22. I’m thinking some slightly oversized smart watch that folds out to be a not too big mobile phone. Maybe it won’t happen, maybe it will. Though I know one company though has come out with a smart watch with a slightly bigger curved screen, but I think if you made it fold it would be more usable.

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