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Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV First Look at IFA 2018

Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV First Look at IFA 2018

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  1. 8k at 65 inch is like 4k on a 5 inch phone. Can't ready tell they say.

  2. Sometimes I think we're just going to fast to quick.

  3. Finally I can actually use my 8K space wallpapers that I make.

  4. I know why Sony used to Say " closer to reality" in sony's 4k tv's … I Guess the human eye sees 8k in real life

  5. Overkill and overpriced!!! 😏

  6. Next thing you know in the years 2025 we in 5,000k graphics now feel realistic on yourself and stuff

  7. Spend more time giving us affordable 4K content and equipment.

  8. As at Oct 2018, the pricing is as follows:
    65" Cost £5,000
    75" Cost £7,000
    85" Err £15,000
    Free installation by Samsung at those prices. OMG 4K has barely come out, when will we ever get 8K!

  9. so what internet speed recommendation for play this 8K video? emm

  10. I love how even the smallest TVs like at Walmart are at least 40 in. When I first got my high-def TV 10 years ago I thought that 46 inch was huge. Now a lot of people have like 65 Plus. I feel like the future everybody will have 80 90 in TVs

  11. "I NEEEEEEEEED IIITT!!!" – Spongebob Squarepants

  12. 8K useless for the time being. We don't even have that much content in 4k.

  13. 8k. LOL!! It really never matters as much as people think. Before we had HD 480i was enough. Then we got 480p. WOW! Then HD came along. Bluray discs. WOW! And now we have 4k HDR. Which means little unless you're comparing HD tech to 4k Tech side-by-side in the same room/lighting. 🙂 Most of us buy a new TV and put it in one room as the ONLY screen. 🙂 So there's no frame of reference to see the improvement.

    What does make a dramatic difference is the level of brightness and clarity in all lighting conditions. Are the blacks truly black or is it more a "dark grey"? The vibrancy of the colours. Is t here a blue tinge on the screen? The detail…is it lifelike or very blurry? Does it look dull?

    The trick is to not go nuts every time we get new tech…bluray, 4k and later 8k. 🙂 How many times will be double-dip a movie title? How many formats do we have Terminator 2 in? 🙂

  14. You look like you don’t want to be there

  15. You are wasting your money with an 8k tv for a few reasons, 1. 4K still hasn’t taken hold yet and most things can’t play videos in 4K. 2. Your eyes literally can’t tell a difference. The original idea for 4K was actually to make bigger tv’s but not lose any quality it wasn’t until later when companies like Samsung started to claim that 4K was the only way to get good quality even from a smaller device.

  16. Idk man, The resolutions seems like a 1080p 😂 (on my phone) lol

  17. Nahh I think I'll wait for 12k tvs to come out before buying one.

  18. Ya and that bih gonna cost 8k

  19. Yet Samsung can't put 5000 mah battery or 5G support in $1500 phone.

  20. 8k is so dumb and expensive.

  21. Nothing supports 4k yet. Who gives a shit?

  22. Planned technological obsolescence

  23. Ill check back in 10 years when it doesn’t cost a billion dollars

  24. Wtf man 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ 8k is gonna be crazy imagine a xbox one x on this

  25. Just watching this on my 1080p monitor. Looks so good!

  26. Ugh can you get a reporter who's a little more excited…

  27. Input Lag for gaming is a full minute!😂🤣

  28. Rate of 55 inch 4k android and features

  29. Why the hell we need 8k if we barely have anything for 4k

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