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Sarah Palin Can't Name Any Founding Fathers!

Sarah Palin Can't Name Any Founding Fathers!

You know, it’s not that I like writing about Sarah Palin. I don’t. As I’ve said before, I find her boring, and when she eventually disappears from public life — or is forced out by the fickle nature of America’s attention span — we’ll look back on her silly popularity with a collective disgust, the same way we think about, oh, say, George Wallace.

That said, this is a funny time politics blog, so, ugh, below is a clip of Sarah Palin freezing like a startled Real American when asked — by hardballin’ journo-crier Glenn Beck — to name her favorite founding father. The terror in her eyes reaches through the screen, and begs you (ANYONE) to please get me away from the lights and the cameras and the mean ol’ questions folks are always askin’. But, oh lord, if people don’t look at me then I’ll cease to exist, exactly like in one of them gay Hollywood movies (probably).

So, anyway, when asked to name her favorite founding father, Palin goes feral and responds, “all of them.” Ugh. Yeah. “All of them” are MY favorite too. What a great, informative answer! Oh, that’s so interesting that you like all of the founding fathers. Equally. Wow, that’s a great answer. “All of them” is also my favorite Stanley Kubrick film.

Then, oh god, she says, “George Washington,” and she really could not be more thrilled with herself. She likes him the best, because — and I quote — “he was their leader.” Bingo! That’s also the same reason Leonardo was my favorite Ninja Turtle.

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  1. Unbelievable she was elected once…nut case

  2. How does this dimwit get time on television? She doesn't have anything intelligent to say! She's a joke!

  3. You heard it george Washington was a consonant statesman

  4. The classic response , "all of them."

  5. u turks should stick to shish kabab

  6. But she's fine. When the lights are out there's no IQ prerequisite.

  7. These two, talk to each other as if they were intellectuals, and as if they know history. Dam!

  8. George Washington was a fraud

  9. Sounds like these two are talking about Bernie Sanders

  10. "Donald Trump or Sarah Palin. You can only have one as your President. Who you got?"

    More difficult to solve than the Fermi Paradox.

  11. If it wasn't for politics people like her would die of by the wayside or be a retarded greater at a Wallmart. She would drink the coolaid first.

  12. Just another lie from the lying scumbags at young turks

  13. Who is the bigger phony, Beck or Palin?

  14. George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Maddison, John Adams, John jay and Benjamin Franklin (on the top of my head) and I’m not american

  15. Why didn't she say I don't know lol. Oh dear a walking cabbage

  16. In speaking about people who are "reluctant to serve," who aren't "seeking power," who don't say things "just because they think they'll go over with the electorate" (to paraphrase), hasn't she forcefully eliminated herself as someone who should be running for office? Doesn't that eliminate just about the entire Republican party these days?

  17. Why didnt they just give her an earpiece. Her hair could have hid it.

  18. Sarah Palin is as dumb as a rock. I take that back, a rock has a purpose in life. not sure what Palin purpose is yet. Jeeez

  19. I can't believe how stupid this woman is. She has absolutely no knowledge of American history or geography or world politics. What is she doing in politics? The woman is a moron.

  20. Trump makes this crazy broad look like a Rhodes scholar.

  21. Sarah Palin and George Washington? Whatever.

  22. She had an earpiece in, guaranteed, when asked about the founding fathers, thats why her head went down and she was hesitating

  23. These racist scum make foreigners learn about American history. Yet dint know it themselves

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