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Satellite Images, Before And After Dorian, Reveal Extent Of Destruction In Bahamas | NBC News

Satellite images of the Bahamas, before Hurricane Dorian and after Hurricane Dorian, show the extent of storm’s destruction that initially hit the islands as a Category 5.
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Satellite Images, Before And After Dorian, Reveal Extent Of Destruction In Bahamas | NBC News


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  1. My family I from Marsh Harbor and Greens Turtle Cay and the have to so Horrific stories

    Such as: dead bodies floating water and body parts under container and r6 foot shipping containers full of dead bodies 😭😭😢 VERY Heartbreaking. Btw way my Family in Green Turtle Cay is okay, but my family in Marsh Harbor lost everything!!

  2. Atmospheric Water Generation via Moses West headed to the Bahamas https://youtu.be/AW3LfO990ho

  3. Why do they always doctor the footage to make it look worse? Before footage is green and after is brown like they used a filter. is anything we see on video real anymore?

  4. Why do we continually rebuild places that continually get destroyed…..? 90% of the Bahamas are owned by the Mega Rich….

  5. The music?! A little too boppy for the subject matter.

  6. Subscribe?, are they president haters?

  7. “Give me what I want and I will go away.”

  8. dorian was a voodoo storm
    the sea rose up in a matter of minutes and dragged thousands into the ocean

  9. Did It also hit the resorts and everything like that?

  10. Keep Polluting the Planet you idiots!

  11. I feel for these people. I feel bad cause when it hit us on the east coast in Va it was a cat 1 but we were having funing on the beach. R.i.p to all who lives were lost 😥.

  12. Could the choice of background music be more inappropriate?

  13. Lived in North Myrtle Beach… Now Live In South Florida… Theres NO DODGING Hurricanes Anymore!!!

  14. Show trump this is what a category 5 look loke

  15. Omg i live so close to bahamas that i lost power and trees fell and it flooded a little

  16. Will it rebuild or become uninhabitable zones?

  17. Why are you using color alterations on the after photos?????

  18. I'd like to offer $100 USD worth of tarps (or whatever is most urgently needed) to a hurricane Dorian victim in need of help where I could make a direct payment to a local building materials supplier happy to accept my payment/donation on their behalf.



    Quisiera ofrecer $100 USD en lonas (o lo que sea más urgentemente necesario) a una víctima del huracán Dorian que necesite ayuda para poder hacer un pago directo a un proveedor local de materiales de construcción feliz de aceptar mi pago / donación en su nombre.

  19. this is a sick impersonal look at the destruction of one of the most beautiful places on earth…WTF is wrong with NBC …this is a showcase of you indifference to people and our lives…lets all say good bye to them now…never look or pay attention to NBC or any other evil network again…lets get real people to report our news

  20. How about getting some cruise ships to take care of the people that lost everything.

  21. What about Alabama, Trump? Oh I forgot…it never hit Alabama…
    Go back to school you Dumb@$$ Orange Fatcow in a suit…
    And for Trump Supporters who try to defend the guy who uses his butthole to talk…one day that butthole will fart in your face too…give it time…

  22. Why is one in color and the other not

  23. As global climate change continues, we will see more and more of this vast destruction. People are going to start migrating to move out of harms way. No wall is going to stop the immigration of people. Until people have the courage to change their behaviors and demand change from the polluters and their respective governments, this destruction will continue.

  24. But remember, climate change is a "hoax".

    (sad facepalm)

  25. Why are the satellite picture colors altered so much?

  26. Before doctoring or after……….I can do that with an app.

  27. We must address climate change if we don't take responsibility for our planet there will be more disasters like this.

  28. After 13,000 wood stick homes destroyed in Bahama, from the video, I saw the only intact thing in the rubble is a container. My conclusion is that if Bahama ever wanted to rebuild again. It is better to use containers to build housing for the years to come. Another hurricane next year is waiting ! georgewuarchitect@gmail.com/ Facebook George Wu

  29. Horrific storm and great tragedy. I've looked at photos from other news organizations of after images, and in reality the grass is still green. In reality, the grass did not turn blue. The reds and greens have been sucked out of the after photos here. Which is how you end up with a bright purple roof in the first after image. It is a great human tragedy. Sad to see it being distorted this way.

  30. No problem , it will rebuilt to Wakanda

  31. OmG Poor poor people…it's so sad..I was just watching utube about Charleston South Carolina Wer the damage is nothing on the scale of the Bahamas.The TV crew wer standing in a street with afew trees blown over people are heading home.welll the poor people in the Bahamas have nothing left there not going home people wer killed dozens are missing probably thousands dead and they have the cheek to stand there with there microphone telling us that people are heading back home.in south Carolina'. I ask will they open there doors to those survivers in the Bahamas?

  32. horrific and screw you dorain and hope this storm retired

  33. I hope they don’t come to the United States

  34. There are thousands dead ! not just 30… so sad.

  35. Difficult to follow; there's no frame of reference. So sad for those people who are suffering. Take care. ❤ from 🇺🇸

  36. Heart-breaking for so many to lose family, friends and home… "Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!" ~ Baha'i Faith

  37. PS…i like move….and B-move🤣🤣🤣🤣👽🛸

  38. Ebbene sia arroganza e presunzione…spazzare via …poi sistemerò il resto👽amen

  39. Così i vostri immondi yatch hanno maggior spazio..i vostri festini sono più movimentati….e le cacate che scrivete……valgono di più………patetici esseri immondi…..👽🛸💀☠️😈🛸

  40. MOST are WEALTHY people's second or thrid home. They weren't there. The people who work in resort and are from there don't have Lear jets to leave or the option of not using that particulat vaction home this week. BANKERS gettin a little karma. No worries the rich are insured.

  41. No one is getting any help to evacuate all the people that came are stuck in Nassau

  42. Theyre just changing the color filter

  43. At least it is nice happy music for watching, ffs how stupid are ppl.

  44. I'm not sure the music matches the destruction, and deaths

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